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The Hardedge is a weapon for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII. It is the first weapon for Cloud that can be stolen, and the second that can be purchased at a shop. It has stats on-par with other weapons available at Junon, and four Materia slots total, two linked, and two unlinked. The player can equip it to Cloud or throw it.

The blade has the kanji (一刀両断, Ittō ryōdan?, lit. one-bladed bisection) written on it, a Japanese term for "cutting into two with a single stroke".


The Hardedge can be obtained in Shinra Bldg. with the Steal Materia, stolen from the SOLDIER:3rd enemies. This allows the weapon to be acquired much earlier than otherwise, and means the player can forego purchasing the weaker Mythril Saber.

The Hardedge can later be purchased for 1,500 gil from Gongaga or Junon (before obtaining the Highwind), which is much later in the game than the Shinra Bldg. Nonetheless, it is Cloud's strongest weapon until reaching Cosmo Canyon.


Attack 32
Attack% 98
Magic 6
Materia slots Materia Slot Linked.png x1
Materia Slot Single.png x2
Bonuses Element: Cut

As the Hardedge has a base Attack stat bonus of 32, the base damage for physical attacks when the Hardedge is equipped is in the following formula:

where "Level" is Cloud's current level and "Strength" is his Strength stat. The Hardedge also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 98%, and grants a +6 bonus to Cloud's Magic stat when casting spells.


The Hardedge is Cloud's most powerful weapon before reaching Cosmo Canyon, when the Butterfly Edge can be purchased. If it is obtained before the Mythril Saber, the player can forego purchasing the latter entirely.

The Hardedge has two linked Materia slots, and two which are unlinked. The unlinked slots are best given to a Command Materia or Independent Materia, which cannot benefit from most linked Support Materia. On the linked Materia slots, offensive Magic Materia and Summon Materia can benefit from a linked Support Materia, such as All or Elemental, to take advantage of Cloud's high Magic and Strength stats.