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Hanzo the Hidden is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV who first appeared in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. He is a ninja and the twelfth lord of the Kagekakushi Clan. He is a key antagonist in the Ninja quest line. Hanzo first appears in the Ninja quest, "A Game of Life and Death".


The Warrior of Light was tasked with finding V'kebbe and Perimu Haurimu.

Karasu, never to be trusted, was quick to renege on his promise and demand the spoils despite the Warrior's victory according to the very conditions he had set. With his friend and fellow shinobi's life in the balance, Oboro tossed the scroll to a gloating Karasu, who unceremoniously shoved Tsubame in the party's general direction. Karasu's enigmatic master arrived on the scene with a few dismissive words, and seemingly killed Karasu with a breath of fire before the Warrior's eyes. Claiming to be "Hanzo of the Kagekakushi clan", the only true practitioners of the art of ninjutsu, he ominously declared his desire is to rid the world of the descendants of "Sasuke the Shamed", as he dismissively referred to the legendary progenitor of the Doman shinobi. As Oboro stood stunned, Tsubame comforted him with a secret entrusted to her by one of her elders: the scroll in Hanzo's hands was but one half of the forbidden summoning mudra he coveted. As Underfoot and V'kebbe returned home to Limsa, the Warrior set out for Yanxia with Oboro, Tsubame, and Jacke, to inform the elders of all they had seen and glean what wisdom they might before planning their next action.

Hanzo pretended to amass an army in the Ruby Sea to divert Namai's defenses, allowing him to infiltrate the village and steal the scroll containing the other half of the forbidden mudra without being noticed. He attempted to escape through the Azim Steppe, intending on returning later to destroy Namai once and for all, but the Warrior of Light anticipated this move and confronted him there. Hanzo prepared to test the forbidden mudra on the Warrior of Light only to see it fail. Karasu, who was alive because Hanzo had killed a doppelganger, appeared and confirmed that the scroll Hanzo had stolen from Namai was a fake. An infuriated Hanzo fought the Warrior of Light and Karasu, but was killed.



Hanzo is a Midlander Hyur with purple hair, green eyes, with war paint under his eyes. His face is riddled with scars. He wears an antiquated Kage-kakushi set of ninja armor, sans mask. In combat, he uses a pair of antiquated Nagi.


Hanzo is a proud and confident ninja from the Kagekakushi Clan. He, and likely the rest of his clan, despise the Doman Shinobi due to the belief that its founder disgracefully stole a scroll with a hidden mudra and fled to Doma, not knowing the truth of that exodus. His hatred feeds his condescension of the Doman Shinobi, believing the Hingan ninjutsu to be vastly superior to the supposed imitation the Domans practice. This leaves him blind to possible ways his plans could fail, such as failing to notice he killed a copy of Karasu rather than the actual one or that the scroll he stole from Namai was a fake.



His name is likely based on Hattori Hanzō. Hattori Hanzō was a famous ninja of the Sengoku era. One of the most iconic ninjas who is often a subject of varied portrayal in modern popular culture.

His clan "Kagekakushi" (影隠) translated to "Hidden Shadow" or "Shadowless".