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Hamon Holyfist is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is the Pugilist Guildmaster who resides in Ul'dah and gives the quests for the Pugilist storyline.



Hamon Holyfist has gray hair, a mustache and a beard. Hamon wears a black skullcap, and has black fisticuffs. He is a muscular old man and likes to display a proud appearance.


You mean to say you do not know Hamon Holyfist, the man who once ruled the bloodsands!? ...Hmmm, mayhap it was before your time. Aye, I used to be champion of the Coliseum, but these days I train young hopefuls as master of the Pugilists' Guild.
—Hamon, in response to being asked about himself by the Adventurer

As a former Coliseum star, Hamon Holyfist is boastful and self-centered. Even when helping train students, Hamon thinks about his own agenda, be it sending his students around the city to pick up discarded gil or asking them to practice on training dummies in the middle of the street to draw a crowd. His penchant for skirtchasing often gets the better of him. He has a warm and caring side, which he displays when he speaks of his students, such as the two he personally adopted off the street, Chuchuto Brightstar and Rurukuta Tornstar. He takes great pride in the accomplishments of his students, such as the Warrior of Light, whom he refers to as the second coming of the Holyfist.


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Hamon Holyfist is fought during the level 20 Pugilist quest. He tests the players' skill to rediscover his true self. Every time he is defeated, he will revive at full health, and a few levels higher. This repeats until the quest is concluded.

Hamon is fought again during the level 30 Pugilist quest, in the first duty. He must be defeated three times; the first time, the ability snap punch must be used three times to demonstrate the flow of the monk's combinations. The second and third times, Hamon must be defeated. Hamon grows stronger and in his third fight, will use the ability Hundred Fists to massively increase his attack speed.


  • In the English translation, he makes a reference to the 1996 Doom comic during the level 15 quest "The Spirit Is Willing," quoting "These toads are huge, which means they have huge guts" and "Rip and tear through your foe with a Haymaker!"
  • His name is likely a reference to the manga and anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where in the early parts, they used a technique called Hamon (The Ripple) to channel the power of sunlight into their strikes to defeat undead creatures.
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