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Interested in an inspection? Haul her down to Hammerhead! We pride ourselves on attention to detail. No job too small!

Newspaper advert in Chapter 1 of Final Fantasy XV

Hammerhead is a gas station and repair shop in Leide region in Final Fantasy XV. The locale is owned by Cid and his granddaughter Cindy. Hammerhead employs a large yellow tow-truck driven by Cindy to help those stranded on their journey, such as Noctis Lucis Caelum's party.

Hammerhead has a gas station and a chocobo rental post. Filling up costs 10 gil, and if the player fills up at Hammerhead Cindy will do it rather than Noctis. She will also wipe the player's car to clean it. The rent-a-bird can be used after the chocobo rental services have been unlocked by visiting Wiz Chocobo Post in Duscae.


Next to the arms vendor, on a canister.

Pit stop situated in the easternmost reaches of the Lucian continent. Owned and operated by Crown City-born mechanic Cid Sophiar and his grease monkey granddaughter Cindy Aurum.
Unlike most service stations that cater only to customers of the automotive variety, Hammerhead offers food and trinkets for their drivers as well. Coupled with Cid and Cindy's frank-but-friendly conversational style, this outpost serves as an oasis that soothes the souls of roadsters weary of the Leiden plains.
First-time visitors beware: if you wish to remain on Cid's good side, refrain from asking about the origin of the garage's name.


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Hammerhead was established by Cid Sophiar, the former mechanic of the royal household in Insomnia. After his son and daughter-in-law perished, Cid raised his granddaughter Cindy at the garage, who picked up his love of automobiles. Cid helped Takka establish himself by letting him run a diner by the service station. After business started to decline, Cindy managed to bring it back[1], and in time would take over from Cid as the head mechanic.

The party meets Cid at Hammerhead.

After their car, the Regalia, breaks down, Prince Noctis and his friends push it to Hammerhead for repairs. They meet Cid and Cindy, and learn Cid is King Regis's old acquaintance. Noctis's friend Prompto Argentum becomes instantly infatuated with Cindy. They help out the locals until the car is fixed, and head off toward Galdin Quay with a delivery from Cindy as a favor for help. When staying at a nearby campsite Prompto comes up with an idea to photograph Cindy from afar, but when he and Noctis head to Hammerhead in the early morning they run into her on a morning hike. Noctis must act as Prompto's wingman as he tries to impress her.

Hammerhead in the long night.

After the world is plunged into perpetual darkness after Noctis goes missing, most locations are abandoned as daemons run amok, Cindy and Cid are forced to abandon Hammerhead and make their way to Lestallum. Cid refuses to abandon Hammerhead, however, and at some point it is taken back and becomes a post for daemon hunters. Cindy still runs the garage, busy as ever.

Noctis and the older Talcott arrive in Hammerhead when the latter picks up Noctis along the way. Here, Noctis meets up his friends. The four prepare for their journey to Insomnia where Noctis will defeat Ardyn and restore light in the world.

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Hammerhead has a caravan as a lodging where the player can stay overnight. It costs 30 gil and yields x1.2 EXP rate. Sometimes Cindy sits with the party outside the caravan in the lodging cut scene.

Takka's Pit Stop[]

Takka's Pit Stop.

Our spicy jambalay'll have you jumpin' for joy and scamperin' for seconds! Give it a taste!

Note on the window of Takka's Pit Stop

While at Hammerhead the party has a chance to meet Takka who runs the diner, Takka's Pit Stop, and is the local tipster. Takka was once taken in by Cid who helped him get his life back on track.

In Chapter 14, the player can find the two final reports here.

NameEffectsPriceRecipe obtainedUnlock
Chili con Carne
Chili Con Carne.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 2): Strength +20
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 1): Max HP +50
50Burly Bean BowlDefault
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02: No recipe from eating.
Leiden Jambalaya
Leiden Jambalaya.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 15): Strength +150
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 4): Max HP +200
Regen Boost icon in FFXV.png Regen Boost (Level 1): HP Recovery Rate +25%
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 750
Hammerhead Hot Sandwich
(Hammerhead Sandwich)
Hammerhead Hot Sandwich.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 8): Strength +80
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 4): Max HP +200
150Grease Monkey's Schnitzel SandwichComplete Takka's sidequest: Hunters and Gatherers
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 200
Sizzling Humongo-Steak
(Jumbo Steak)
Sizzling Humongo-Steak.jpg
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 20): Max HP +1000
Endurance Boost icon in FFXV.png Endurance: Sprinting does not reduce stamina
2600Thick 'n' Juicy SteakComplete Takka's sidequest: A Meat Most Magnificent
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 3500



Chapters 1–8[]



The shop is at the petrol station, in front of the gas pumps. The player can look at the magazines on the table here for info about dualhorns, and Noctis notes the shop is out of Ebony, Ignis's favored beverage.

Item Gil Type Info
Potion 50 Items Restores half of HP.
Hi-Potion 100 Items Fully restores HP.
Elixir 400 Items Fully restores HP and MP and regenerates half of maximum HP.
Hi-Elixir 800 Items Restores maximum HP and MP.
Phoenix Down 1000 Items Brings fallen party members back to life. Temporarily increases HP and MP recovery rate.
Antidote 10 Items Cures Poison.
Gighee Ham 30 Ingredients Used for cooking Croque Madame and Multi-Meat Sandwich
Luncheon Meat 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Mystery Meat Sushi and Cannedwich.
Birdbeast Egg 20 Ingredients Used for cooking Croque Madame, Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry, Creamy Crustacean Omelette, Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl, Fried Rookie on Rice, Golden Egg Galette, Mother & Child Rice Bowl, Papa Bird & Baby Bowl, and Golden Chocobo Tart.
Sheep Milk 10 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Creamy Fowl Sauté, Creamy Milk Risotto, Taelpar Harvest Galette, Kupoberry Cheesecake, Golden Chocobo Tart, Keycatrich Salad, and Moogle Mousse with Kupoberry Sauce.
Leiden Potato 40 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Dish and Chips, Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew, Battered Barramundi, Ace Hunter's Schnitzel, Garden Curry, Meat-and-Beet Bouillon.
Funguar 80 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Creamy Fowl Sauté, Triple Truffle Risotto, Croaker in Brown Sauce.
Chocobean 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Beanball Croquettes, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, Miss Mercenary's Cassoulet.
Leiden Pepper 20 Ingredients Used for cooking Prairie-Style Skewers, Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak, Grilled Wild Trevally, Peppery Daggerquill Rice, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Robust Bean Soup, Toadsteak Drumsticks, Skewered Wild Trout, Creamy Bisque, Devilfin Soup, Crown City Roast, Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper, and Broiled King-on-a-Stick.
Sweet Pepper 50 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Fried Rookie on Rice, Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab, Green Soup Curry, Blazing Braised Gizzard, Fire-Sauce Fillet, Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, and Pit Crew's Meat Wraps.
Repair Kit 100 Treasures Used for broken down cars sidequests.
Hammerhead Sticker 150 Auto Parts Decal of the Hammerhead Service Station logo for the Regalia.
Beaux Arts 1000 Auto Parts Decal set with a "fine art theme".
Advanced Color Samples 3000 Auto Parts Adds the following paint jobs to Cindy's body shop: Pale Blue, Velvet Blue, Pastel Lime, Royal Green, Sunlight Yellow, Vanilla, Pure Gold, Solid Orange, Copper, Racing Red, Vivid Pink, Amethyst, Onyx, Bright Duralumin, and Metallic Steel.
Memories of FFIV 100 Auto Parts Adds music from Final Fantasy IV to the music player.
Memories of FFVIII 100 Auto Parts Adds music from Final Fantasy VIII to the music player.
Chapter 14[]
Hammerhead Minimart in Chapter 14 from FFXV.png

The Mini-Mart is still around, now operated by a hunter rather than the clerk who worked there before.

Item Gil Type Info
Potion 50 Items Restores half of HP.
Hi-Potion 100 Items Fully restores HP.
Elixir 400 Items Fully restores HP and MP and regenerates half of maximum HP.
Hi-Elixir 800 Items Restores maximum HP and MP.
Phoenix Down 1000 Items Brings fallen party members back to life. Temporarily increases HP and MP recovery rate.
Antidote 10 Items Cures Poison.
Gold Needle 50 Items Cures Stone.
Smelling Salts 50 Items Cures Confusion.
Maiden's Kiss 100 Items Cures Toad.
Ether 100 Items Fully restores MP.
Remedy 500 Items Cures Poison, Stone, Confusion, and Toad.

Culless Munitions - Hammerhead[]

Chapters 1–8[]

Culless Munitions - Hammerhead.


Culless Munitions is a weapons vendor operating from a black Culless Munitions van at the Hammerhead parking lot opposite the petrol station. Sania Yeagre appears here in Chapter 1, although the player can't yet talk to her.

Item Gil Type Info
Broadsword 150 Swords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 42 MP+6
Makes it easier to land critical blows when attacking in succession.
Two-handed Sword 50 Greatswords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 48 HP+53
Inflicts greater damage when surrounded by enemies.
War Sword 150 Greatswords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 78 HP+65
Inflicts stunning blows that deprive foes of their defense.
Daggers 50 Daggers-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 20 MP+4 Magic+5
Extra harm on Vulnerable foes.
Avengers 150 Daggers-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 43 MP+4 Magic+5
In low health, delivers critical strikes.
Handgun 50 Firearms-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 32 Spirit+4
Breaks off appendages easier.
Cocytus 150 Firearms-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 45 Spirit+7
Inflicts ice damage.
Chapter 14[]
Culless Munitions Hammerhead in Chapter 14 from FFXV.png

Culless Munitions is still around in Chapter 14 and sells new stock. The player can't return to the shop once they leave Hammerhead.

Item Gil Type Info
Durandal 10000 Swords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 232 MP+11 Dark Resist+33%
Deals Light-elemental damage.
Hyperion 8000 Greatswords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 496 HP+310
Deals 15% more damage for every additional enemy on the field up to a cap of +100% damage.
Radiant Lance 10000 Polearms-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 205
Deals Light-elemental damage.
Main Gauches 8000 Daggers-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 192 MP+7 Magic+21
+50% damage to enemies in vulnerable status.
Quicksilver 8000 Firearms-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 222 Spirit+18
+80% breakage on body parts/appendages.
Black Prince 10000 Shields-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 175 Vitality+32 Dark Resist+22% Ballistic Resist+13%
Taking darkness damage boosts magic.
Titanium Bangle 2500 HP+200
Heliodor Bracelet 2000 Strength+40
Talisman 1500 Magic+80
Knight's Anklet 2500 Vitality+70
Oracle Card 2500 Spirit+70

Hammerhead Service Station[]

Cindy is enamored with the Regalia, a custom vehicle of crown city make, and comes up with various ways to upgrade and customize it if the party brings her the required materials.

There is also a Hammerhead decal for the Regalia as a reward for Cindy's The Ever Elegant Regalia quest.


Oracle Ascension Coin location.

Chapters 1–8
  • Oracle Ascension Coin x2 - Fan vent at the side of the Mini-Mart & on top of a structure behind the garage; to get the latter the player must jump from the wall next to it.
  • Metal Scrap x2 - In the southeast corner of the outpost by some tanks, and behind the garage next to a pile of tires
  • Phoenix Down - Entrance of the body shop
  • Hi-Potion - Inside the body shop
  • Potion - Northwest corner of the outpost behind Takka's Pit Stop
Chapter 14



Takka sends the party out on quests to gather ingredients for new dishes he has planned. Afterward, the dishes become available to buy at his restaurant.

Everyone Loves BeansDuscaeComplete "Emergency Delivery"1,500 EXP, Leiden Pepper x5, Hulldagh Nutmeg x5, Killer Tomato x5
Lestallum's FinestDuscaeComplete "Everyone Loves Beans"2,000 EXP, Griffon Breast x2, Saxham Rice x5, Schier Turmeric x5
Emergency DeliveryDuscaeReach Chapter 03, complete "Hunters and Gardeners"1,000 EXP, Cleigne Wheat x5, Killer Tomato x5, Saxham Rice x5
Hunters and GatherersLeideComplete "Scenic Delivery"500 EXP, Cleigne Wheat x5, Dualhorn Steak x5, Leiden Pepper x5, Hammerhead Hot Sandwich
A Meat Most MagnificentDuscaeComplete "Lestallum's Finest"3,000 EXP, Allural Shallot x5, Kettier Ginger x5, Sizzling Humongo-Steak
Scenic DeliveryLeideComplete "The Power of Kings" in Chapter 02300 EXP, Gighee Ham x2, Leiden Potato x2, Sheep Milk x2, Funguar x2


Cindy sends the party out to various quests for items that can be used to upgrade the Regalia.

The Ever Valorous RegaliaCleigneComplete "The Ever Gleaming Regalia"1,000 EXP, Supercharger component
The Ever Gleaming RegaliaDuscaeComplete "The Ever Elegant Regalia"600 EXP, Fiberglass Coating component
Into Unknown FrontiersFormouth GarrisonComplete "The Ever Illustrious Regalia" and "Formouth Garrison" and reach Chapter 15Regalia Type-F
The Ever Regal RegaliaLeideReach Chapter 02 and complete "The Power of Kings"150 EXP, Aero Wax component
The Ever Elegant RegaliaBalouve MinesComplete "The Ever Regal Regalia"500 EXP, Hammerhead decal, Racing Stripes I decal, Basic Color Samples
The Ever Illustrious RegaliaCrestholm ChannelsComplete "The Ever Valorous Regalia"3,000 EXP, Enhanced Headlights components
Into Uncharted TerritoryNorduscaen BlockadeGet to Chapter 8Regalia Type-D customization option at Hammerhead
Kings of the Off-roadThe Three ValleysComplete Into Uncharted Territory and modify the Regalia to Type-D1,300 EXP, Support Bumper, two new test drive courses at Coernix Station - Cauthess and the Vesperpool


Cid can upgrade Noctis's weapons if he brings him the required materials. After giving Cid the weapon, the player must complete a quest and then rest to get a call from Cid to pick the upgraded weapon up. After a certain point in the story, Cid will relocate to Cape Caem. Cid is found back at Hammerhead if the player uses Umbra to go back in time in the later chapters.


The hunt for jormungand becomes available after the player has cleared the Crestholm Channels optional dungeon. The hunt for adamantoise is available when returning to Lucis from Chapter 9 onwards.

Howling Wind of HungerHammerhead1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Sabertusk x7The Weaverwilds (All Times)2740 gil, Hi-Elixir
Varmints of the WastelandsHammerhead1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Mesmenir x5The Weaverwilds (Daytime)5980 gil, Hi-Elixir
Gorgers in the DustHammerhead1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Flexitusk x3Ostium Gorge (All Times)71,570 gil, Iron Bangle
Raindrops in the NightHammerhead2
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Jumbo Flan x1The Weaverwilds (Nighttime)152,390 gil, Megalixir★★
Wild BeautiesHammerhead3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Anaklaban x3The Weaverwilds (Daytime)223,350 gil, Megalixir★★
Bounty-Hunted BeautiesHammerhead3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Anakadom x3, Anak x3The Weaverwilds (Daytime)284,220 gil, Megalixir★★
Rookie Hunter TragedyHammerhead4
Red Hunt Icon.png
Ashenhorn x3The Weaverwilds (All Times)397,330 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
The Pride of the KingHammerhead6
Red Hunt Icon.png
Behemoth x1Keycatrich Ruins (All Times)4710,020 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Serpent of the AbyssHammerhead7
Red Hunt Icon.png
Jormungand x1Crestholm Channels (All Times)5816,560 gil, Ruby Bracelet★★★★
Lonely Rumblings in LongwytheHammerheadN/A
Red Hunt Icon.png
Adamantoise x1Longwythe Peak (All Times)9950,000 gil, Adamantite Bangle★★★★★

New recipes[]

Burly Bean Bowl.

Eating Chili con Carne at Takka's Pit Stop teaches Ignis Burly Bean Bowl. It is one of Prompto's favorites. Eating Hammerhead Hot Sandwich teaches Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich, one of Noctis's favorites, but the player must complete a quest to procure garula meat for Takka for it to become available. Eating Sizzling Humongo-Steak teaches Thick 'n' Juicy Steak, but the player must fell a catoblepas as part of a quest for Takka.

Artist in Altissia[]


There is a drawing in Takka's Pit Stop of Cid, Takka and Cindy drawn by an artist who resides in Altissia.

Musical themes[]

The background theme to Hammerhead is simply called "Hammerhead". It has a different version for Takka's Pit Stop, and the music transitions seamlessly when the player enters the restaurant.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Non-Final Fantasy appearances[]

Tekken 7[]

Hammerhead in Tekken 7.png

For further details, visit Hammerhead at Tekken Wiki.

The Hammerhead Service Station appears as part of the Noctis DLC package. It is Noctis's home stage.

Behind the scenes[]

A gas station in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

A gas station on a desert region was first glimpsed for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game that ended up being reworked into Final Fantasy XV. Roberto Ferrari's concept artwork for Cid Sophiar shows a different logo for the garage, depicting a literal hammerhead shark.

According to Game Informer, at the Hammerhead station an instrumental version of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" played in the background in a pre-release version of the game.[2]

Banora White sign outside Hammerhead.

The engine oil for sale at Hammerhead is called "Junon Super Engine Oil". Junon is a town in Final Fantasy VII. There is also a sign outside Hammerhead that reads "Banora White." Banora White is a variety of apples in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

The only time it rains in Hammerhead is during Chapter 1 when Noctis and his friends attempt to return to Insomnia. Afterward, if it rains and the player drives toward Hammerhead, the rain will disappear but will reappear as soon as they leave the area of Hammerhead.

The player can repeatedly rest at Hammerhead in Chapter 14 to get various bits of incidental dialogue with the party members talking about what they have been up to: Gladiolus telling the party about his girlfriend; Prompto asking Gladiolus for tips for picking up women; and Prompto growing independent and able to hunt daemons alone.



Hammerhead sharks is a group of sharks so named for the distinctive structure of their heads, which are flattened and laterally extended into a "hammer" shape. The shark appeared in an early version of the establishment's logo, and is present in the shape of the building structure itself.

The name befits the establishment for being a workshop, and likely alludes to Cid having wielded a hammer in his youth, as the Almanac suggests he does not want to discuss how he came up with the name for the garage. Once Cid upgrades the player's Engine Blade III to the Ultima Weapon, he will give Noctis his Old Hammer, which Regis carved with "Property of Mr.Hammerproof Thickskull." This was the weapon Cid used during his adventure with the Regis, but it is not usable in battle, and instead is a key item.


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