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The Hall of Rites home screen

The Hall of Rites is a location within the world of the Royal Archives in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Players can freely exchange special tickets here for desired Heroes and Memory Crystals of all types. It debuted in the Vale of Memories Special Event, and was added to the game as a permanent feature with the March 16, 2016 backend update.

The theme chosen for this area is "Music Box Memories" from Final Fantasy V.


The Hall of Rites serves as a method for Record Keeper players to acquire and develop characters that may have been missed in an event, or for whom the player desires but has not met the unlock requirement to obtain. The same applies to any Memory Crystals available in the game that would typically require completion of intermediate to advanced dungeons within a related event. To obtain a desired character or Crystal, however, the player must hold at least one of the appropriate tickets for the Hall. These are as follows:

  • Souls of Heroes allow recruitment of any character issued prior to a defined backend update, excepting certain optional characters who were the focus of a recent event. As an example, players whom have missed Tidus can pick him up with a Soul of a Hero, but could not pick up Desch this way prior to the June 23, 2016 update.
  • Memory Crystal Lode tickets permit the player to select a Memory Crystal for any character released prior to a defined update. Memory Crystals allow the character(s) in question to break the initial level cap at level 50 and award Record Materia for the player's use. Once the cap is broken, the character(s) can advance to level 65.
  • Memory Crystal II Lode tickets permit the player to select a Memory Crystal II for any character whom has had such a Crystal released. The Memory Crystal II will allow a character to break through level 65 and continue to level 80.
  • Memory Crystal III Lode tickets permit the player to select a Memory Crystal III of his/her choice, allowing target units to continue to level 99 after breaking the previous two caps.

As the player is only allowed to acquire a character or Crystal once per game, the Hall of Rites also offers the option of taking a Growth Egg in lieu of a character or Crystal.

Generally, characters and their Memory Crystals are added to the Hall of Rites within a month's time of their debut event ending. Sora and Riku are the exception: they were not added to the Hall of Rites, nor were their Memory Crystals.