XIII2 wiki iconFFXIII wiki iconFFVIII wiki icon Haggler, also known as Sell-High (高値で売る, Takane de Uru?), is an ability in the Final Fantasy series that lets the player sell items to vendors at increased price.


Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Sell-High is learned by the Guardian Force Tonberry for 200 AP, after learning Familiar and Haggle. It allows the player to sell items for x1.5 their sell value, usually meaning if a player were to sell items that they buy in a shop, they can sell items for the same price as they can buy items with Haggle.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Haggler is a Fragment Skill in Final Fantasy XIII-2 that increases sale price of sold items by 10%. It is obtained by talking to Mystic in Serendipity for the first time.