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Hades True Form.

Hades (ハーデス, Hādesu?) is a character from the Final Fantasy XI expansion pack Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin. He is the main antagonist of the storyline, having been vanquished thousand of years ago by the founder of Adoulin, King August.



Hades has two forms, the first a humanoid form in which he control Melvien de Malecroix and a second form in which he fights as his true sef.


Hades (ᾍδης, Háidēs) is the Greek god of the underworld, as well as the name of the underworld itself. Despite many modern portrayals, in ancient Greek religion and mythology, though respected and feared in equal measure, Hades was not represented as evil, only just and resolute. In Christianity, the same Greek name is either translated into English as hell or simply transliterated as "Hades" in the Bible. The Greek term is used to translate the Hebrew term Sheol (שאול) in the Septuagint and it also appears in the New Testament.

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