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Hades is an enemy found in the Lethe Court of the Sealed Temple in Final Fantasy V. Being a palette swap of Azulmagia, Hades is a Necromancer, which is also a job in the Advance and following versions.


Battle Edit

Hades is the strongest random enemy giving the greatest experience reward. It uses Almagest (with a Magic stat surpassing Enuo's), which can inflict over 5,000 damage if the player is not prepared. Hades also uses the instant death physical Reaper's Sword, and Flare. Hades is weak against Holy.

Hades will sometimes drop additional Bone Mails, while Cursed Rings may be stolen from it. If the party's Necromancer defeats Hades, they learn the powerful Doomsday spell.

Strategy Edit

To mitigate some of the damage, it is wise to cast Carbuncle, so Flare will reflect back at Hades. Repeated castings of Holy will take advantage of the foe's elemental weakness.

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Etymology Edit

Hades is the Greek god of the Underworld, as well as the name of the Underworld itself. Despite many modern portrayals, in Ancient Greek mythology, Hades was not represented as evil. Later Christians used the name as being synonymous with the Devil, which seems to be the inspiration for the forms that the monsters with this name take.

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