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Single slot. HP Plus is an Independent Materia in Final Fantasy VII. When equipped, it increases the user's HP by a percentage: 10% at first level, up to a 50% increase at level 5. HP Plus stacks with other HP Plus Materia on the same character up to either double the character's base HP, or to the maximum HP of 9999.


HP Plus is obtained by getting 60-90 points (inclusive) during Rufus's send-off in Junon. Later, it can be purchased at Cosmo Canyon or Mideel for 8,000 gil.


Level AP required Effect
1 0 Increases HP by 10%.
2 10000 Increases HP by 20%.
3 20000 Increases HP by 30%.
4 30000 Increases HP by 40%.
5 50000 Increases HP by 50%.


HP Plus provides a percentage boost to a character's HP. Multiple HP Plus Materia stack to up to double a character's base maximum HP, or up to the maximum HP of 9999. HP Plus is a requirement in most cases for characters to reach 9999 HP, and at higher levels, it is plausible to reach 9999 with a single HP Plus Materia equipped.

HP Plus is useful on any character, and is not limited. This makes it a great Materia to equip on all characters that have a slot spare. When determining whom to prioritize, it is normally better to give it to characters with lower HP. This is typically characters with many Magic and Summon Materia equipped, as those Materia reduce HP. The player may also want to give HP Plus Materia to characters who have Cover.

Characters with lower base HP are Aeris, Yuffie, and Vincent. Tifa, Cait Sith, and Cid have average HP, while Cloud and Red XIII have above average HP and Barret has the highest.