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HP Absorb in effect.

HP Absorb (HPきゅうしゅう, HP Kyūshū?) is a recurring ability in the series. It generally allows the user to regain a small percent of HP upon damaging the target. It is similar to the abilities Drain and Vampire.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

The Blood Sword has this ability. The damage cannot exceed user's max HP minus their current HP. The user is healed for an equivalent amount of HP when attacking.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

HP Absorb is a Support Materia that restores the user's HP when the paired ability is used. The amount restored is 10% of the damage dealt, but if the ability heals the target, HP Absorb will hurt the character instead. Linking HP Absorb to an attack that does damage overflow to a target will kill the attacker. The Materia can be found in Wutai Village in the 'cat house' during or after Yuffie's quest there, or in the second section of the Northern Cave.

When linked to Magic and Summon Materia, HP Absorb will apply its effect to all abilities the Materia grants. When linked with a regular Command Materia, HP Absorb will apply its effect to the ability that is highlighted on the Materia. The darkened ability will only gain the effect if the character has another source for that ability; for example, if a character has Level 2 Throw, which grants Coin, the HP Absorb applies to Coin only, and not Throw, unless the character also equips another Throw Materia at Level 1. When linked with Master Command, its effects will be applied to all commands in the Materia as well as the Attack and Item commands.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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