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During battle the HP for bosses in Final Fantasy XII is shown in an overhead bar, and for characters in the bottom right corner.

HP, which can stand for Health Points or Hit Points, and it has also been called Life, is an important stat in every game of the Final Fantasy series. Every playable character, monster, and Summons in some games, have a set HP. Once all HP is depleted, the character falls into the Knocked Out status and must be revived, for example, by using a Phoenix Down. Revived characters are always given some HP back.

Only characters in the Zombie status can have 0 HP. They are immune to most attacks, and must be healed with Holy Water. Most offensive attacks target HP. Monsters usually disappear from the battlefield when their HP reach zero.

There are many abilities that restore HP, but it is mostly typically healed by the spell Cure or the item Potion, or a stronger version of either one. The spell Regen slowly restores HP. The spell Poison slowly depletes HP. Drain sucks away HP from the target and gives it to the caster. Death, if successful, instantly removes all HP. Undead monsters have reverse effects upon their HP and are immune to or healed by Death.

Other than the normal status and the Knocked Out status, there are other additional statuses tied with HP. A character with a low HP in relevance to their Max HP will fall into the HP Critical status where their pose will change and HP will become yellow or red. In this status a number of other occurrences may happen, such as an ally protecting them with Cover or gaining access to Limit Break abilities in some games. Enemies in Critical status usually won't change pose, however susceptibility to certain abilities will be introduced such as the Morph ability.

In Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, Armor increases HP. The HP Boost ability of Final Fantasy Tactics also increases HP. Certain equipment in Final Fantasy VI can increase HP; for example the Muscle Belt which increases HP by 50%. The HP Plus Independent Materia from Final Fantasy VII performs a similar function.


Final Fantasy[]

The amount of HP a unit has depends largely on their job. Mage classes have less HP than melee jobs, with Warrior having the most HP and Black Mage the least. HP is replenished by curative spells and items, as well as by staying at an inn.

The characters accumulate more HP by leveling up, which is as follows:

  • For a strong level up, Max HP goes up by 20+[Vitality/4]+(1..6).
  • For a weak level up, Max HP goes up by [Vitality/4]+1

Over the 49 level ups, each class has the following chance of having a strong level up:

  • Warrior/Knight: 50%
  • Monk/Master: 40%
  • Thief/Ninja: 35%
  • White Mage/White Wizard: 30%
  • Red Mage/Red Wizard: 25%
  • Black Mage/Black Wizard: 25%

In the bonus dungeons of the remakes, players may find a Silver Apple that raises the max HP by 5.

Final Fantasy II[]

The actions in battle craft the characters' skills. Characters' maximum HP has a chance of increasing based on the amount of HP that is lost in the battle. Increases to maximum HP are equal to the character's Vitality/Stamina stat. HP caps at 9999.

This leads to an easy exploit by the player, who can hit their own characters to decrease HP quickly and in a desirable fashion. However, it is wiser to wait to obtain equipment or whatever else to aquire higher Stamina/Vitality bonuses (these are often found in the optional dungeons of the remakes) so one can raise HP more efficiently. Prior to this, it is impractical and a waste of Gil since there is no other way to separately boost Stamina aside from a later dungeon.

Final Fantasy III[]

The amount of HP gained per level is determined by the vitality stat, level and a random bonus. In the Famicom version, the Black Belt, Viking, and Ninja have the highest HP growth and the Scholar has the lowest. In the remake, the Black Belt has the highest HP growth and the Scholar has the lowest.

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Final Fantasy IV[]

Characters have individual HP growths and gain more HP as they level up. Front-row physical attackers have more HP than back-row Mage types. HP can't be boosted with equipment. The item Silver Apple permanently raises HP by 50 while the Golden Apple increases it by 100. There is also a bug concerning Yang's HP growth.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Characters get more HP as they level up and front-row physical attackers tend to have more.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Characters get more HP as they level up and front-row physical attackers tend to have more. Silver Apples and Golden Apples permanently increase HP by 50 or 100 respectively.

Final Fantasy V[]

A character's HP depends on their level. Because the character's Stamina stat affects their overall HP, jobs with the highest Stamina also have the best HP. Monks and Berserkers have the best overall HP, and Monks also learn HP Plus % abilities, which, once mastered, can also be used by the character's other jobs. Dancer and Bard have the poorest HP.


Bonuses to Stamina due to equipment are not added to the HP formula.

Level Exp Base HP
1 0 20
2 10 25
3 33 30
4 74 40
5 140 50
6 241 60
7 389 70
8 599 80
9 888 90
10 1276 100
11 1786 120
12 2441 140
13 3269 160
14 4299 180
15 5564 200
16 7097 220
17 8936 240
18 11120 260
19 13691 280
20 16693 300
21 20173 320
22 24180 340
23 28765 360
24 33983 380
25 39890 400
26 46546 420
27 54012 440
28 62352 460
29 71632 480
30 81921 500
31 93291 530
32 105815 560
33 119569 590
34 134633 620
35 151087 650
36 169015 690
37 188503 730
38 209640 770
39 232517 810
40 257227 850
41 283867 900
42 312534 950
43 343330 1000
44 376357 1050
45 411722 1100
46 449533 1160
47 489900 1220
48 532937 1280
49 578759 1340
50 627485 1400
51 679235 1460
52 734131 1520
53 792300 1580
54 853869 1640
55 918969 1700
56 987732 1760
57 1060294 1820
58 1136793 1880
59 1217368 1940
60 1302163 2000
61 1391323 2050
62 1484995 2100
63 1583329 2150
64 1686478 2200
65 1794597 2250
66 1907843 2300
67 2026376 2350
68 2150358 2400
69 2279955 2450
70 2415333 2500
71 2556663 2550
72 2704116 2600
73 2857867 2650
74 3018093 2700
75 3184974 2750
76 3358692 2800
77 3539432 2850
78 3727380 2900
79 3922726 2950
80 4125661 3000
81 4336381 3050
82 4555081 3100
83 4781961 3150
84 5017223 3200
85 5261071 3250
86 5513712 3300
87 5775354 3350
88 6046210 3400
89 6326493 3450
90 6616420 3500
91 6916210 3550
92 7226084 3600
93 7546266 3650
94 7876982 3700
95 8218461 3750
96 8570934 3800
97 8934635 3850
98 9309800 3900
99 9696668 3950


The Goliath Tonic doubles a party member's max HP in battle.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Characters' HP and MP stats are the only ones to increase by leveling up; in order to increase the other stats, the player must equip an Esper that gives a stat growth bonus. There are Espers that boost a character's HP on level up as well, them being Siren and Catoblepas (HP +10%), |Midgardsormr (HP +30%), Bahamut (HP +50%) and |Diabolos (HP +100%).

The characters' base HP growth is similar and there are no significant differences between characters. The base HP growth increases until it peaks at around level 70, characters earning over 150 HP per level up, and from there the base HP growth declines earning only +80 HP per level up on level 90 and above. However, it is easy to max HP out quickly with the esper abilities, which are especially potent on higher levels.

Ultima Weapon's damage is based on the level of the character who is equipping it, and their current HP compared to their max HP. When HP is high, the Ultima Weapon deals a large amount of damage. When HP is low, it deals a small amount of damage.

The Bone Wrist and Muscle Belt Relics give a +50% boost to HP. Tintinabulum Relic gives the Lifefont ability where the character recovers HP by walking around the field.

The 0 HP character bug allows players to keep a character alive with 0 HP, and thus invincible unless healed.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The characters gain more HP by leveling up, but the differences between characters aren't notable. HP can't be boosted by Sources like most other stats. Barret has the best natural HP, Vincent has the worst. The amount of HP gain on level up is randomized, but the game is programmed in such a manner the character can't stray too far from the intended average.

List of characters' possible minimum and maximum HP on Level 99 from Final Fantasy VII FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Character Minimum HP Maximum HP
Cloud 8960 9511
Tifa 8513 9037
Aeris 8304 8816
Barret 9435 9999
Red XIII 8980 9556
Cid 8682 9284
Yuffie 8471 8993
Vincent 8211 8779
Cait Sith 8608 9135

The game is programmed in such a manner it is impossible to attain both, the absolutely highest natural HP, and absolutely highest natural MP on the same character simultaneously. For a guide on how to max out the characters' HP read Final Fantasy VII FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve.

The characters can boost HP further by equipping HP Plus Materia, up to a +100% bonus when stacked. The HP↔MP Materia switches the user's HP and MP values, making max HP 999 but max MP 9999. The HP Absorb Materia allows the user to gain HP when using the paired command(s).

When a character equips Magic or Summon Materia, they deal a penalty on the character's max HP: most common is -2% per equipped Materia, but some reduce it by -5%, some by -10% and Knights of Round reduces max HP by -20%. Master Magic and Master Summon are exceptions and don't carry any stat boosts or penalties.

When a unit's HP is exactly 7,777 they will enter All Lucky 7s status. The Cat's Bell accessory allows the wearer gain HP as they walk on the field; every step heals 2 HP rounded up to the next even HP value. The player can lose HP on the field by sliding into spikes in the Cave of the Gi, or getting caught in the traps in Ancient Forest, but can't reduce HP to 0 that way; in fact, if a KO'd character is afflicted they will be revived at 1 HP.

Final Fantasy VII was the first game in the series where HP can be restored by Limit Breaks: Aeris, Yuffie and Cait Sith can restore the party's HP, and Vincent's transformation Limit Breaks restore his own HP to full.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Zack has a base HP he can increase by leveling up. Zack's base stats are fixed by his level.

The below values are from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Level Max HP Level Max HP
6 582 53 3775
7 658 54 3841
8 732 55 3907
9 805 56 3973
10 877 57 4039
11 949 58 4105
12 1022 59 4171
13 1090 60 4237
14 1160 61 4303
15 1230 62 4369
16 1299 63 4435
17 1368 64 4501
18 1437 65 4567
19 1506 66 4633
20 1574 67 4699
21 1642 68 4765
22 1710 69 4831
23 1778 70 4897
24 1846 71 4963
25 1914 72 5029
26 1981 73 5095
27 2048 74 5161
28 2115 75 5227
29 2182 76 5293
30 2249 77 5359
31 2316 78 5424
32 2383 79 5489
33 2450 80 5554
34 2517 81 5619
35 2584 82 5684
36 2651 83 5749
37 2718 84 5814
38 2785 85 5879
39 2851 86 5944
40 2917 87 6009
41 2983 88 6074
42 3049 89 6139
43 3115 90 6204
44 3181 91 6269
45 3247 92 6334
46 3313 93 6399
47 3379 94 6464
48 3445 95 6529
49 3511 96 6594
50 3577 97 6659
51 3643 98 6724
52 3709 99 6789

Zack can break his HP limit even without equipping the Break HP Limit ability to twice his maximum HP, if he gets a power surge from the Digital Mind Wave during Modulating Phase. With Feather Cap he can set the natural break limit to triple his maximum HP. When Zack has naturally broken his HP limit due to a DMW power surge, the Costly Punch attack will not work. The break is nullified and Zack's HP set back to the base maximum if he drinks the promotional Potion at the Shinra Building lobby.

Zack can increase his base HP by equipping accessories that grant HP boosts, but Materia is the primary means of stat enhancement, especially through the Materia Fusion system. By adding items into the Fusion process the player can boost the Materia's stats to their liking, although it takes a lot of SP for the highest stat boosts. HP +999% is the highest HP stat boost a Materia can have.

Zack can set his HP limit to 99,999 with certain equipment. 99,999 is the absolute maximum, and the DMW power surges can't bring it above that point either.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

HP is a unit's health stat. Battle units (besides summons the player has called forth) have HP, and when the HP is depleted to 0, the unit is KO'd.

The player can revive their characters from KO with Phoenix Downs and Raise Raise and Arise Arise, and with Revival Earrings. HP is depleted by being attacked in battle, or via the passive Poison Poison. HP is gained from restorative items, curative spells, and from sitting the benches found around the field areas. HP can be restored, and sometimes also lost, when outside of a battle situation, such as when the The Valkyrie shoots at the party who need to hide behind debris to shield themselves. Some accessories and the HP Up Materia HP Up Materia elevate the wearer's max HP. Barret has the best HP out of the player's party.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Each character has a base HP stat that grows as the character levels up, and the stat boosts at level up are not randomized. The characters' HP growth is similar and there are no major differences. Squall has the best base HP at level 99 with 4187 HP, and Selphie has the lowest base HP at level 99 with 3680 HP.

Achievement icon.

However, the characters' base stats are low, and the player must use the Junction system to fully utilize the character development system. A character equipping a Guardian Force that has learned the HP-J junction ability, can junction stocked magic to their HP. Ultima gives the best boost (+60 HP by spell), followed by Full Life (+48) and Meteor (+46). The Guardian Forces can also learn HP +% abilities, the best being HP +80% learned by Brothers and Diablos. Having a character at 9999 HP in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Maximum HP.

The characters can boost their base HP by +10 with HP Up items, which are very rare, and by equipping the HP Bonus ability, give the character's base HP a boost of +30 on level up. The GFs that have the HP Bonus ability are Brothers and Cactuar. Yet another way to permanently boost HP is by devouring a level 45+ Ruby Dragon.

A character's current HP to max HP ratio is one of the variables that affects a character's chance to perform a Limit Break. Limit Breaks are normally only available in critical health (apart from Seifer, who can perform Limit Breaks with higher HP levels) or while under the effect of Aura. Generally, the less HP the character has, the better chance they have to perform a Limit Break.

HP is restored by using restorative items, using curative magic, and the characters can also junction Drain spells to their status attack to drain HP from enemies on hit. Quistis and Selphie can utilize Limit Breaks that heal the party's HP and Rinoa's dog can also randomly appear on the field to heal characters who are low on HP. The Cactuar GF also learns the Move HP Up ability, which allows the character to accumulate some HP by walking around the field.

For the first time summons have their separate stats from the characters, and all Guardian Forces have their own HP stat. A GF's HP is only displayed when it is being summoned, and during the GF's charge time, if an attack is targeted at the summoning character, the attack depletes the GF's HP instead of the character's.

The GFs gain more HP by leveling up, and by learning GFHP+% abilities. GFs' HP can be restored with G-Potions and Cottages and by summoning the MiniMog. All GFs also know the Move HP Up innately and accumulate HP whenever the character moves around the field.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The characters' max HP is calculated by the following formula:


The HPMod used in the formula depends on the character's level. Characters with high strength like Steiner and Amarant thus have the best HP, whereas mage type characters have the lowest strength and thus the poorest HP.

Level HPMod Level HPMod
1 250 50 4266
2 314 51 4294
3 382 52 4317
4 454 53 4334
5 530 54 4344
6 610 55 4353
7 694 56 4361
8 782 57 4368
9 874 58 4374
10 970 59 4379
11 1062 60 4383
12 1150 61 4386
13 1234 62 4388
14 1314 63 4389
15 1390 64 4390
16 1462 65 4391
17 1530 66 4392
18 1594 67 4393
19 1662 68 4394
20 1734 69 4395
21 1810 70 4396
22 1890 71 4397
23 1974 72 4398
24 2062 73 4399
25 2154 74 4400
26 2250 75 4401
27 2350 76 4402
28 2454 77 4403
29 2562 78 4404
30 2674 79 4405
31 2790 80 4406
32 2910 81 4407
33 3034 82 4408
34 3162 83 4409
35 3282 84 4410
36 3394 85 4411
37 3498 86 4412
38 3594 87 4413
39 3682 88 4414
40 3762 89 4415
41 3834 90 4416
42 3898 91 4417
43 3958 92 4418
44 4014 93 4419
45 4066 94 4420
46 4114 95 4421
47 4158 96 4422
48 4198 97 4423
49 4234 98 4424
50 4266 99 4524


The only way for a character to improve their HP is to level up, or equip HP+10% and HP+20% support abilities, which are not available for every character. Amarant is able to reach 9999 HP at level 99 by equipping both HP+10% and HP+20% abilities while having a base max HP of 7600. The Restore HP support ability also restores some of the character's HP when they are attacked at low health.

HP can be restored via curative spells, the Auto Regen ability and curative items. The jewels restore HP in battle but can't be used on the field. Every jewel has its own HP restore formula, depending on how many jewels the player possesses.

Quina's Limit Glove ability deals 9,999 damage to a target when Quina is on 1 HP. Zidane's Lucky Seven skill randomly deals 7, 77, 777 or 7,777 damage to a target when the last digit on Zidane's HP is 7.

Final Fantasy X[]

HP can be increased for each character on the Sphere Grid, by activating the respective nodes. HP Nodes are activated with Power Spheres, and all default HP Nodes increase HP by 200. HP nodes created with HP Spheres increase HP by 300 when activated.

Auron's path on the Sphere Grid has the most HP nodes, whereas characters like Yuna and Lulu have the lowest natural HP. However, due to the Sphere Grid system's nature, any character can eventually traverse any path on the grid.

The standard HP limit is of 9,999 HP, but this can be increased by equipping armor with the Break HP Limit ability, raising the limit to 99,999 HP. The characters can increase their max HP with the HP +5%, +10%, +20% and +30% auto-abilities on found or customized armor.

Characters can also double their max HP by using a Stamina Tablet or Stamina Tonic in battle, or via some of Rikku's mixes.

Aeons have their own HP stat. The Aeons have no Sphere Grid, but their stats are related to Yuna's stats and increase in conjunction with hers.

The party is fully healed whenever they touch a Save Sphere.

The Bribe ability's success is calculated from the amount of gil compared to the target's max HP.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Each dressphere has its own stats, and the stats are fixed on the girl's level. For example, the Gunner dressphere always has the same stats when the character equipping it is on level 10, whether it be Yuna, Rikku or Paine. Mascot has the best HP of all normal dresspheres, followed by Berserker, but the special dresspheres have the best HP overall. Black Mage has the lowest HP of all the dresspheres.

Although most dresspheres give the same stats to everyone, certain dresspheres' stats vary depending on who is wearing it. The Trainer, Mascot and the girls' special dresspheres are different for each girl, and have different abilities and different stats. The special dresspheres can learn Double and Triple HP, as well as Break HP Limit. In order to learn Break HP Limit on each special dressphere, the player must find special items scattered around Spira.

The player can boost the girls' HP by equipping accessories. The best accessories boost HP as much as +100%.

The color for HP gauge in the menu is dull green.

In the International and HD Remaster versions, the HP of creatures depend on what dressphere they are equipped with. The Berserker dressphere gives a 40% increase in HP, the Warrior, Trainer and Mascot a 10% increase. Gunner, Gun Mage, Alchemist, Dark Knight, Samurai, Psychic and Festivalist do not have any effect on HP. Lady Luck dressphere decreases HP by 5%, Songstress and Thief by 10% and finally, Black Mage and White Mage decrease HP by 20%.

Bribe ability's success is calculated from the amount of gil compared to the target's max HP.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[]

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Final Fantasy XI[]

The amount of HP the player possesses is based on the class they are currently using, as well as their race. It is possible to spend Merit Points to increase the amount of Hit Points at 10 per merit. There are also items that can raise the max amount of HP, such as a Giant's Drink.

Final Fantasy XII[]

The characters' HP growth on leveling up is randomized. The Max HP is determined by the following formula:

MAX HP = (Base HP + Sum of HP Bonus up to this level) x HP Modifier[3]
  • Base = Base value. Different characters have different Base values.
  • Bonus = Each level comes with its own Min and Max Bonus. The game randomly picks a Bonus within the Min and Max range when the character levels up. All characters share the same bonus table.
  • Modifier = Different characters have different modifiers. The modifier represents the "growth rate".
Character Base Modifier
Vaan 46 1.48
Balthier 48 1.44
Fran 41 1.38
Basch 59 1.50
Ashe 40 1.37
Penelo 39 1.33
Reks 50 1.35
Larsa 41 1.34
Vossler 57 1.60
Reddas 73 1.57


Level HP Bonus Level HP Bonus
1 10 - 11 51 51 - 61
2 11 - 13 52 49 - 58
3 12 - 14 53 47 - 56
4 13 - 15 54 45 - 53
5 14 - 16 55 43 - 51
6 15 - 17 56 41 - 49
7 16 - 19 57 39 - 46
8 17 - 20 58 37 - 44
9 18 - 21 59 35 - 41
10 19 - 22 60 33 - 39
11 20 - 23 61 31 - 37
12 21 - 25 62 29 - 34
13 22 - 26 63 27 - 32
14 23 - 27 64 25 - 29
15 24 - 28 65 23 - 27
16 25 - 29 66 21 - 25
17 26 - 31 67 19 - 22
18 27 - 32 68 20 - 23
19 28 - 33 69 21 - 25
20 29 - 34 70 22 - 26
21 30 - 35 71 23 - 27
22 31 - 37 72 24 - 28
23 32 - 38 73 25 - 29
24 33 - 39 74 26 - 31
25 34 - 40 75 27 - 32
26 33 - 39 76 28 - 33
27 32 - 38 77 29 - 34
28 31 - 37 78 30 - 35
29 30 - 35 79 31 - 37
30 29 - 34 80 32 - 38
31 28 - 33 81 33 - 39
32 27 - 32 82 34 - 40
33 26 - 31 83 35 - 41
34 25 - 29 84 36 - 43
35 27 - 32 85 37 - 44
36 29 - 34 86 38 - 45
37 31 - 37 87 39 - 46
38 33 - 39 88 40 - 47
39 35 - 41 89 41 - 49
40 37 - 44 90 42 - 50
41 39 - 46 91 43 - 51
42 41 - 49 92 44 - 52
43 43 - 51 93 45 - 53
44 45 - 53 94 46 - 55
45 47 - 56 95 47 - 56
46 49 - 58 96 48 - 57
47 51 - 61 97 49 - 58
48 53 - 63 98 50 - 59
49 55 - 65 99 51 - 61
50 53 - 63


Although the exact HP Bonus at level up is random within the level's pool, the game is biased against choosing the highest possible HP Bonus at level up.

HP Bonus Growth = Min HP Bonus + Random[0 ~ (Min HP Bonus-1)/5][4]

Bubble can be used to exceed the 9,999 HP limit, even if that is the highest number displayed on the screen. This can benefit the player, as enemies generally cannot surpass that limit with their individual attacks. For example, a well-leveled party wearing light armor in the battle against Yiazmat can survive the Cyclone attack that often deals maximum damage after Yiazmat has used Growing Threat.

The Espers also have their own HP stats, but they are static and always the same, even if the Esper's level is always the same as its summoner's. Ultima has the highest HP at 4400, and Belias the lowest at 800. The player can cast Bubble on an Esper.

Apart from the base HP, which grows when the character levels up, the player can purchase HP augments on the License Board. Otherwise, the player must use equipment and the Bubble status to achieve higher HP. Light Armor boosts HP by a fixed amount depending on the piece of equipment, and the Bubble status doubles the character's maximum HP.

Character's HP determines how many hits they can do with hit combos; the lower the character's HP, more hits they can deal.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

The characters have fixed base HP that increases when the characters level up. HP can't be in influenced by equipment. During battle, the units' health is displayed by a health bar rather than by numerical values.

HP is restored after every battle, but during battle, the players can restore HP by Penelo's cure magic, Llyud's drain abilities, or Vaan's Steal HP ability. There are also a few curative Espers. The party can also restore HP by foraging on plants found on some of the battlefields.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Characters have set HP values that are increased in each character's Crystarium. A number of accessories can also be equipped to increase maximum HP. Every character has a unique Crystarium tree, and with the whole Crystarium maxed out Snow has the highest max HP at 30,000, which can be expanded to 42,000 by equipping him with four maxed out Wurtzite Bangles, while Hope has the lowest max HP at 18,000.

HP is recovered during battle via Potions, a Medic's curative magic, and the Renew technique. Summoning an Eidolon also fully heals the summoner, and restores the party to full health after the Eidolon is dismissed. The party's HP is fully restored after each battle.

Eidolons have no HP gauge of their own when summoned, but any sustained damage will further deplete their SP.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Serah and Noel gain HP by unlocking nodes on their Crystarium paths, with Noel gaining more HP than Serah. Advancing them in the Sentinel role gives the best HP boosts. HP is restored by items, Feral Links and Medic's spells.

The Paradigm Pack feature is introduced where the player can capture monsters and then use them in battle as a third party member. Unlike with Serah's and Noel's Crystaria, the monsters' Crystaria stat boosts depend on which items the players gives them. Snow, obtained from a DLC battle, has the potential for the highest HP in the game for a Paradigm Pack monster, and Lightning in the Requiem of the Goddess downloadable episode, can reach the highest HP overall.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

HP icon, Piggyback guide.

Lightning starts the game with 2,000 HP. With the removal of the Crystarium system, the player has to complete quests in order to permanently increase her HP. Lightning can also increase her HP by wearing garbs, shields, accessories, and abilities.

HP doesn't recover after every fight (unless playing on Easy Mode), and players must resolve to staying at inns, eating food at restaurants, items, and Curaga, the only healing spell available to Lightning.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

HP is determined not only by the player's discipline and level, but is also affected by Vitality, including vitality gained by equipment.

HP may be recovered during battles using many different skills such as the Pugilist's Second Wind or the Conjurer's Cure spells. Also, there are many potions used to instantly heal HP. HP will regenerate rapidly outside of battle and very slowly during battle.

Final Fantasy XV[]

HP determines a unit's health. If a party member runs out of HP, they enter a Danger stage and can do nothing but stumble around until rescued by a party member, using an item to heal, or waiting for a period of time. Taking damage while in this state lowers max HP. If their max HP falls to 0, they get knocked out and can't be rescued. If the party leader is knocked out and isn't revived, it leads to a Game Over.

In the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo, Noctis can summon Ramuh when he is at 0 HP.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

A measure of the unit's life. When a unit's HP is reduced to zero, he or she is KO'd.

PSP Description.

The amount of HP that characters gain on a level up correspond to the job class they were in at the time they leveled up. The Mime, Knight and Lancer job class typically raise the most HP, whereas classes such as Bard and Dancer gain the least amount of HP. Equipping certain armor and helmets also raises max HP, and the Knight class armor generally provides the biggest boosts. The Max HP a character can theoretically attain is 999/999, however most non-monster class characters will never get to 999 (even at the maximum level 99).

HP can be restored in battle using the help of items, magic and other abilities such as in the Draw Out action ability of the Samurai. HP/MP are fully restored after the end of each battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

RoF HP Bar Icon.png
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

HP is called Life. Under the Customize setting within the main menu, the player can change the Life Indicate; chose the Scale to display a bar-graph of the character's HP or Figure to displays the HP as numerals. Once a character's HP reaches 0, this Fatal status will be applied on said character.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

HP maxes out at 999 and even if Sumo is under the maximum level and still continues to increase Stamina, it will never increase beyond 999. Note that HP does not increase by a static amount, it is influenced by Stamina. Never raising Stamina means the player will be stuck with 19 HP throughout the entire game.

The Final Fantasy Legend[]

Once the character's HP hits zero. The character is unable to fight. The maximum HP is 999.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

HP determines the character's health, and once this reaches zero, the character(s) becomes Stun.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

HP is called H and each character's maximum HP affects their speed. The healthier the character is, the faster the speed. This is especially useful for boss battles, keeping the parties health up will allow the player to get their attacks and/or healing in first.

HP is also taken into account when using a Talent skills. Talent damage depends on the user's Attack Power and maximum HP, the talent power and base damage, and a skill factor. Robot talents are used with 50% more skill by robots.

Upon hitting 999 in HP, a character will still gain more HP upon level up. Exceeding the limit of 999 HP, making the Human and Mutant class the more powerful classes in the game at higher levels. The only draw back is that the player will need to be at a higher level to take advantage of this, which means that it will take lots of grinding.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

The player's HP is determined by their job and their level. The maximum HP is 999. As usual, magical jobs like the Black Mage has little HP whereas physical jobs, such as the Hero and Paladin, have high HP.

HP can be boosted with equipment and casting Lux increases the characters' max HP by 1.5x their normal HP, and the Fighter's Chakra doubles the character's max HP. HP is restored with curative spells and items, and by sleeping at an inn. Although several other stats are reduced while the characters are in animal form, HP remains unaffected.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

A character's HP varies in different ways. Depending on one's job, job level and abilities, it can determine how much health they have. The hard cap for one character is 9,999 HP. If a party member's HP drops to 0, they will be KO'd and unable to make any actions in battle until they are revived by a Phoenix Down or a revival spell such as Raise or Arise.

It is unknown what the cap is for monsters, however the Ω Weapon has the highest amount of HP among any other opponent in the game, having 360,000 HP in total at its max level.

The only job that can give a character max HP is a level 20 Monk with their main level above 90.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Characters take damage based on an how much Bravery their opponent deals from an HP Attack. The damage on an HP attack is built up with the use of Bravery attacks. If a characters Bravery breaks, they will be vulnerable to critical Bravery attacks, causing them to give the other character an even higher addition to how much their HP Attack will upon hitting their opponent.

If a characters HP Attack Number is purple, it means they have enough damage to defeat their opponent in one attack. When the attack goes off, the character who successfully initiated it will be determined the victor of the match once the opponent's HP is 0.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

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Final Fantasy Explorers[]

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