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Increases HP by 20%.


HP+20% is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for physical attackers. It raises their maximum HP by 20% for the cost of 8 Magic Stones, and stacks multiplicatively with HP+10%.


HP+20% is learned from Mantra Band, Genji Helmet, Adaman Hat, Defense Gloves, Maximillian, Black Belt, and Battle Boots for variable amounts of AP; Zidane and Amarant learn it the fastest at 40 AP, where Freya takes the longest at 75 AP. Equipping multiple equipment pieces that teach HP+20% at the same time learns the ability faster.

There are numerous ways to acquire a Black Belt, an Add-on everyone can equip. It can be obtained for free in the Black Mage Village item shop by asking for "the usual" after overhearing a conversation from the walkway above. This can be Zidane's introduction to HP+20%, and Amarant joins soon as well. Battle Boots, meanwhile, is later synthesized in Daguerreo, and is a prize for catching 45 frogs.

Mantra Band teaches HP+20% to Zidane and Amarant, bought from Lindblum after the Battle of Alexandria. Genji Helmet teaches HP+20% to Steiner and Freya, found from using a Dead Pepper at a mountain crack on northeastern part of the Forgotten Continent while riding Choco; if the player is ignoring the Chocobo Hot and Cold, Genji Helmet can still be stolen from Kraken. Adaman Hat is an endgame light headgear, bought from Bran Bal and Daguerreo after visiting Bran Bal. Defense Gloves are armlets for Steiner and Freya, available from Daguerreo even before going to Bran Bal. Maximillian is found from the hidden Choco bubble where the Shimmering Island used to be.


HP+20% raises the party member's maximum HP by that amount. If the character is already equipping HP+10%, HP+20% will add 20% on top of the already-raised health, resulting in 32% increase over the original HP. Zidane is the only physical attacker party member who does not learn both. Amarant is the only party member who can reach 9999 HP with both equipped.


HP+20% is good to equip to help the party member survive in battle longer. It can be good to use with Cover or Protect Girls as the character will be taking hits for others as well. Having higher maximum HP also helps Steiner's Minus Strike. Regen and Auto-Regen also heal more per tick the higher the character's maximum HP is (but conversely, Poison saps more health the higher the character's maximum HP).