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Increases HP by 10%.


HP+10% is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Steiner, Freya, and Amarant. It raises their maximum HP by 10% for the cost of 4 Magic Stones, and stacks multiplicatively with HP+20%.


HP+10% is learned from Chain Mail, Judo Uniform, Aquamarine, and Germinas Boots for variable amounts of AP; Amarant learns it the fastest at 10 AP where Freya takes the longest at 30 AP.

Freya can learn HP+10% at the earliest from the Germinas Boots found in Burmecia. Steiner can buy Chain Mail from Treno when he and Princess Garnet visit there with Marcus, and Freya can buy it from Cleyra. Judo Uniform can be bought from Oeilvert, Desert Palace, and Esto Gaza, and an Aquamarine is obtained as part of the story at the First Battle of the Iifa Tree.


HP+10% raises the party member's maximum HP by that amount. It stacks with HP+20%, in that when both are equipped, HP+20% adds 20% to the already-raised HP from HP+10%, resulting in 32% increase over the original HP. Amarant is the only party member who can reach 9999 HP with both HP boosts equipped.


HP+10% is good to equip to help the party member survive in battle longer. It can be good to use with Cover as the character will be taking hits for others as well. Having higher maximum HP also helps Steiner's Minus Strike. Regen and Auto-Regen also heal more per tick the higher the character's maximum HP is (but conversely, Poison saps more health the higher the character's maximum HP).