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Thank you again for everthing. I've already started a new bussiness! If you pay me some gil, I'll let you open a treasure chest. Who knows what could be inside? Come back as often as you want with as much gold as you can muster--I have a feeling we'll be here for a while still!


Gypsy is a merchant in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He helps the Warriors of Light obtain the Bottle of Bubbly Water.


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Gypsy once captured a faerie and imprisoned her inside a bottle. The Warriors of Light meet him inside Forest of the Fey on their quest to find the Bottle of Bubbly Water. The Faerie that he captured can create Bubbly Water and he offers the bottle to them for one million gil. Suddenly, a vortex appears and sucks his son into it. The Warriors of Light then save his son and Gypsy then gives them the bottle as a token of gratitude. He then apologizes to the faerie.

Later, he runs another type of business. For some gil, the Warriors can open one of his two chests, which contain an unknown item.

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