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{{FFRK Character}}{{FFRK}}
{{FFRK Character|name = Guy|japanese = ガイ|romaji = Gai|sprite = FFRK Guy.png|base game = “[[Final Fantasy II]]”|role = Rebel Soldier / Physical Attack|equip = [[File:FFRK Dagger Icon.png|24px|Daggers]] [[File:FFRK Sword Icon.png|24px|Swords]] [[File:FFRK Axe Icon.png|24px|Axes]] [[File:FFRK Hammer Icon.png|24px|Hammers]] [[File:FFRK Spear Icon.png|24px|Spears]] [[File:FFRK Fist Icon.png|24px|Fists]]<br>
[[File:FFRK Shield Icon.png|24px|Shields]] [[File:FFRK Hat Icon.png|24px|Hats]] [[File:FFRK Helmet Icon.png|24px|Helms]] [[File:FFRK Light Armor Icon.png|24px|Light Armor]] [[File:FFRK Heavy Armor Icon.png|24px|Heavy Armor]] [[File:FFRK Bracer Icon.png|24px|Bracers]]|abilities = <nowiki>5|6⭐</nowiki>[[File:FFRK Combat Icon.png|24px|Combat]]<nowiki> 5|6⭐</nowiki>[[File:FFRK Monk Icon.png|24px|Monk]] &nbsp; 4 ⭐[[File:FFRK Knight Icon.png|24px|Knight]]<br>&nbsp; 5 ⭐[[File:FFRK Heavy Physical Icon.png|24px|Heavy Physical]]}}{{FFRK}}
[[Category:Final Fantasy Record Keeper characters]]
[[Category:Final Fantasy Record Keeper characters]]

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