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Gustav Margriff, also known as Gustav Margueriff, is one of the leaders of the Corpse Brigade from Final Fantasy Tactics.


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Fifty Years' War[]

Gustav was originally a knight of the Order of the Northern Sky, but he quit because he found their methods too ruthless and joined the Dead Men instead. He was able to become lieutenant commander and fought with the Dead Men, renamed the Corpse Brigade, against the nobles due to insufficient pay at the end of the Fifty Years' War.

Double Agent[]

Dycedarg Beoulve and Duke Larg hire Gustav to ruin the name of the Corpse Brigade. To do so, against the orders of his leader, Wiegraf Folles, and at the behest of Duke Larg and Dycedarg, Gustav kidnaps Marquis Elmdore and holds him in the Sand Rat Sietch. Gustav does not operate to the letter of his agreement with the two lords, staging the kidnapping within their very borders, thus drawing a response from the Order of the Northern Sky.

Nevertheless, Gustav accomplished what he set out to do: mar the true purpose of the Corpse Bridge, a group devoted to toppling the power held by the nobles, in an attempt to seek justice and due recognition for the myriad peasant soldiers who fought against Ordalia during the Fifty Years' War on behalf of Ivalice. By resorting to the crime of kidnapping, the legitimacy of the Corpse Brigade is questioned among the people of Ivalice, rendering them nothing more than an uncouth group of rebels.


After Gustav wrote a ransom letter, several Knights left the Corpse Brigade to form a brigand with Gustav as their leader. This band hopes to get rich from money from the ransom. Gustav posts his brigand in the Sand Rat Seitch as lookouts. They encounter Ramza Beoulve leading a rescue attempt on the Marquis. Ramza sees the sentries and attacks them before they can alert Gustav. The brigand is defeated by Ramza's forces, leaving Gustav to execute his plan alone.


The act of insubordination infuriates Wiegraf, who tracks Gustav down. A confrontation ensues wherein both men question the resolve and methods of each other in leading the Brigade to victory in their goals. An offended Gustav lunges at Wiegraf, but is outmaneuvered and killed by him.

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"Gustav," also spelled "Gustaf," is a Swedish name meaning "staff of the gods."