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Gush (ガッシュ, Gash?) is a minor character in Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, appearing as the second-in-command to Valkus of the Iron Wings.



Gush is a tall old man wearing military armor, and sporting an eyepatch over his left eye. His grey hair is tied back into a long ponytail, yet he is also balding. He also has a large moustache.


Gush seems to hold some level of respect for his superior Valkus, and searches for him when he goes missing.


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Gush has a small role in the story. First appearing alongside Valkus in Episode 1, he along with the other Iron Wings is ordered by Queen Lenna to protect the Wind Crystal. However, when Valkus stops to arrest Prettz and Linaly, the sky pirate Rouge captures him and flies off. Gush assumes command of the Iron Wings and searches desperately for his commander.

Eventually, the Iron Wings come across Valkus and the other heroes at Rouge Island, where they witness the island explode (a result of Prettz setting off gunpowder to distract Ra Devil's army). Valkus emerges with the sky pirates, where Gush and the Iron Wings mistakenly praise him for capturing Rouge singlehandedly.

Gush later appears near the end of the story when the heroes travel to the Black Moon to face off with Ra Devil. He commands the Iron Wings into battle against Ra Devil's army and they succeed in destroying Deathgyunos. Gush stays back to repair the airship while Prettz and Valkus head off to defeat Ra Devil for good.

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Gush is voiced by Hiroshi Naka in the Japanese version and John Hostetter in the English dub.