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Gurfurlur FFXI Ikeda Art

Gurfurlur is a character in Final Fantasy XI. He is leader of the Trolls, and he leads his subjects into battle in Besieged raids against Aht Urhgan.

Special attacksEdit

  • Hundred Fists
  • Arcane Stomp: Converts magic damage taken to HP.
  • Head Snatch: Single target damage that reduces target's HP to 10% of its remaining HP. Ignores Utsusemi. Damage taken from is greatly reduced by the Paladin ability Sentinel.
  • Haymaker: Cone attack damage. Added effect: Amnesia.
  • Sledgehammer: Cone attack damage. Added effect: Petrify
  • Incessant Fists: 5-hit physical damage, single target.
  • Pleiades Ray: AoE (approx 10') ~500 damage and Paralyze (weak), Blind, Poison, Plague, Bind, Silence, and a weak Slow (overwritten by haste). Not used until 20% HP.


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