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Gurangatch is an enemy from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The Slaughterhouse version is called Iron Wall Gurangatch.

Stats Edit

With Carapace

Without Carapace


Gurangatch has a lot of defense and simply attacking it with physical attacks would take a long time. When Staggered, it becomes vulnerable to damage as its carapace will momentarily break. Its Plague Breath causes Pain, Poison and Defaith.


Staggering it with "-ra" spells is optimal. When staggered, the player can use physical attacks with that deal heavy damage, like Heavy Slash. It is best to carry a stock of Remedy or Mega Remedy.

Etymology Edit

In Aboriginal Australian mythology, a Gurangatch is a giant eel-like creature, an incarnation of the ancestral rainbow serpent. It could swim through water and bore through stone and his travels created many of the continent's rivers and lakes.

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