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Gurangatch is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Fodina Caestino during the main quest The Hand of the King.

The gurangatch may be difficult to find for bestiary completion since the Royal Edition release. If the player has already done everything and still hasn't encountered one, they can try entering the dungeon at nighttime (after 20:00 o'clock) and they may spawn at the first pool of water. The player can rest at camp until nighttime and then choose "return to entrance" to easily leave and re-enter.


Sahagin subspecies that makes its home in the waters of the Fodina Caestino. Though it differs from its cousin in terms of coloration, the gurangatch behaves almost identically, dragging its prey beneath the water to feast with its congregation.
Size: 25.19 ft. Weight: 1.89 t




Gurangatch in battle.

Gurancatch's attacks deal physical damage. It can latch onto the player and roll, but the player can button mash when the prompt appears to break free. It shoots jets of water from its mouths for an attack that has incredible range. Its lunge attack can be blocked and parried. It is weak to greatswords, firearms and ice. Ignis does not participate much in battles in Chapter 10 and the player can't do techniques with him.


Ice elemancy is good against the groups of them, especially since they will get frozen in place in water. However, the player must be sure to not be touching water when throwing the flask or they will be frozen in place as well. Hitting the crocs from behind works well, and may trigger blindside links with Prompto and Gladiolus.

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In Aboriginal Australian mythology, a Gurangatch is a giant eel-like creature, an incarnation of the ancestral rainbow serpent. It could swim through water and bore through stone and his travels created many of the continent's rivers and lakes.

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