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Use Gunner skills.

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Gunplay (ガンプレイ, Ganpurei?) is the Gunner-exclusive skillset in Final Fantasy X-2. Most Gunplay abilities have various support abilities, which at times may give the player the upper-hand. Gunplay abilities have no charge time and execute on-the-go, but have rather high MP cost in comparison to Gunner's MP growth if the player aims to utilize the dressphere to its full power.

List of Gunplay abilities[]

Name MP AP Description Prerequisite
(Power Shot (Name in Japanese: パワーショット (Pawā Shotto?)))
8 20 Inflicts physical damage to target.
Cheap Shot
(Hard Shot (Name in Japanese: ハードショット (Hādo Shotto?)))
8 30 Inflicts physical damage to target, ignoring Defense. Potshot
Enchanted Ammo
(Magic Shot (Name in Japanese: マジックショット (Majikku Shotto?)))
8 30 Inflicts non-elemental magic damage to target.
Target MP
(Mental Shot (Name in Japanese: メンタルショット (Mentaru Shotto?)))
8 30 Inflicts physical damage to target's MP. Enchanted Ammo
Quarter Pounder
(Quarter Shot (Name in Japanese: クォーターショット (Kuōtā Shotto?)))
8 40 Inflicts physical damage to reduce current HP of target by 25%. Target MP
On the Level
(Level Shot (Name in Japanese: レベルショット (Reberu Shotto?)))
12 40 Inflicts special type damage, based on user's current level ×16. Target MP
Burst Shot 12 60 Inflicts physical damage with a guaranteed critical hit to target.
(Reverse Shot (Name in Japanese: リバースショット (Ribāsu Shotto?)))
8 60 Inflicts physical damage based on target's Defense; the higher the defense, the greater the damage. Potshot
(Multi Shot (Name in Japanese: マルチショット (Maruchi Shotto?)))
8 80 Inflicts physical damage to target party. Burst Shot
(Multi Burst (Name in Japanese: マルチバースト (Maruchi Bāsuto?)))
36 120 Inflicts physical damage with a guaranteed critical hits to target party. Scattershot

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Gunplay is a general term for the discharge or exchange of gunfire. Gun fu, a portmanteau of gun and kung fu, is the style of sophisticated close-quarters gunplay seen in Hong Kong action cinema and in Western films influenced by it. It often resembles a martial arts battle played out with firearms instead of traditional weapons. It may also be described by other terms such as bullet ballet, Gun Kata, or gymnastic gunplay.