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Running the Gauntlet.

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The Gunner's Gauntlet is a minigame in Final Fantasy X-2, played in Besaid. Orchestrated by Beclem, Yuna runs the gauntlet to prove to him that summoners are not worthless in a Spira without aeons. The reward for beating Beclem's score in the original mission, "Run the Gunner's Gauntlet", is the Enigma Plate Garment Grid. To start the minigame, the player must speak to Beclem standing close to the save sphere on the Village Slope. Datto takes his place in Chapter 5.

There are two areas where the player can run the gauntlet: from the Village Slope to the Beach, or inside Besaid Temple's Cloister of Trials after Chapter 3. The time limit is 12 minutes and there is no direct reward for finishing the gauntlet, only what the player can find in treasure chests.

In the Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster reaching the maximum level on Gunner's Gauntlet will unlock the "The Gunner" trophy/achievement.


Yuna positioned in the safe area located just before the third waterfall during the Besaid Island Run.

While early levels of Gunner's Gauntlet are straightforward due to the limited enemy variations, later levels can become quickly overwhelming. When Bicocettes are introduced, a specific strategy can be utilized to complete the final levels in relative safety.

There are several safe areas located during the Besaid Island Run where enemies cannot touch Yuna; players can exploit this enemy pathing by standing in these spots and killing Bicocettes as they run past. Bicocettes drop Volley ammo, which instantly kills all nearby enemies. After killing a Bicocette, the player should pick up the Volley ammo in the treasure chest it drops, return to the safe zone, and wait for another Bicocette to arrive before killing it with the Volley ammo (and consequently all other nearby enemies, significantly increasing the score once the Chain Gauge has been maxed). This strategy can be repeated until the last minute, where players should rush to the beach using any remaining Volley and Death ammo to finish off any enemies along the way.

One of the safe areas is located just before the third and final waterfall after the wooden bridges. Yuna needs to be positioned near the fence just before the waterfall covers it.


Besaid Island run[]

These stats are specific to enemies the player will encounter in the Gunner's Gauntlet. Not every enemy will be found in every run of the gauntlet.

Monster HP Points Earned Item Drops
Coyote 5 3 Ammo x10~x20
Wild Wolf 7 5 Death Ammo x1~x2
Shantak 10 10 Dual Ammo x10~x15
YSLS-99 17 15 Death Ammo x1~x2
Tomb (Small) 10 5 Volley Ammo x1
Nashorn 9 12 HP Recovery x15~x20
Bicocette 11 8 Volley Ammo x1
Tomb (Medium) 16 8 Volley Ammo x2
Hrimthurs 6 25 Quick Shot
Divebeak 12 4
Creeper 1 1 Ammo x1~x5
Tomb (Large) 20 15 Volley Ammo x3
Tomb (Giant) 80 20 Death Ammo x1~x2

Cloister of Trials run[]

Monster HP Points Earned Item Drops
Coyote 5 3 Ammo x10~x20
Haunt 13 10 Dual Ammo x10~x15
Death Dauber 3~5 4 Upgrade
Creeper 1 2 Ammo x1~x5
Ahriman 7 17 Quick Shot
Tomb (Giant) 80 20 Death Ammo x1~x2
Flan Azul 4 2 HP Recovery x2
Tonberry 15 20 Ammo x1~x99
Mega Tonberry 20 30 Upgrade


The following items are dropped from enemies and are only usable inside the Gauntlet.

Name Description
Ammo Each shot deals 1 point of damage to a single fiend.
Death Ammo Instantly kills one fiend.
Dual Ammo Can shoot at two fiends at once. Deals 1 point of damage.
Quick Shot Allows faster shooting rate until Quick Shot gauge runs out.
Volley Ammo Instantly kills all onscreen fiends.
HP Recovery This items recovers anywhere from 15 to 19 of Yuna's HP.
Upgrade Upgrade is shown in blue to the left of the ammo count. Select an ammo and press Triangle to convert two rounds of that ammo to one round of the next grade of ammo. 2x Ammo turns into 1x Dual Shot, 2x Dual Shot turns into 1x Death, and 2x Death turns into 1x Volley.


Level Score Reward
1 500 Enigma Plate (Garment Grid)
2 750 Power Wrist
3 900 Silver Bracer
4 1000 Titanium Bangle
5 1150 Mortal Coil (Garment Grid)
6 1300 Beaded Brooch
7 1400 Diamond Gloves
8 2000 Faerie Earrings
9 2800 Adamantite

Musical themes[]

Yuna's Final Fantasy X-2 theme plays during the minigame.