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Gunmanship (銃撃, Jūgeki?, lit. Shooting) a recurring moveset for the Gunner job. It is a very versatile ability set.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Gunmanship is the action ability of the Gunner job. Gunmanship abilities deal elemental damage or non-elemental damage and inflict status ailments to targets within the character's equipped weapon range and based on the weapon's attack power. Gunmanship abilities are learned through guns.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Gunmanship returns as the moveset of the Fusilier job mostly unchanged. Its ability set and the weapons that teach its abilities are identical to that of Tactics Advance.

Skill Source Equipment Effect Range AP To Master
Fireshot Aiot Gun Deals Fire damage. Weapon range 150
Boltshot Riot Gun Deals Thunder damage. Weapon range 150
Iceshot Giot Gun Deals Ice damage. Weapon range 150
Confushot Chaos Rifle Damage, inflict Confuse. Weapon range 400
Charmshot Peacemaker Damage, inflict Charm. Weapon range 400
Blindshot Silver Cannon Damage, inflict Blind. Weapon range 200
Silenceshot Lost Gun Damage, inflict Silence. Weapon range 200
Stopshot Outsider Damage, inflict Stop. Weapon range 450

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