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The Gungnir is a spear in Final Fantasy XII. Its attacks deal Fire damage. In the Zodiac versions, the Disable status was given to the strongest spears. Gungnir is the weakest of those four spears, and offers a 10% chance to inflict the status.

Its license costs 40 LP. In the Zodiac versions, it can be used by the Uhlan. One way to get it is from the bazaar by selling two Ketu Boards and Broken Spears and Mystletainns. Ketu Boards are obtained from Cassies, Broken Spears from Skull Warriors and Fideliant, and Mystletainns from Golem and Juggernaut.

In cutscenes and her bestiary entry, Rinok wields the Gungnir, but in battle in both encounters she has the Javelin.




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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Gungnir is a weapon.


In Norse mythology, Gungnir is a javelin forged and crafted by dwarves, known as the Sons of Ivaldi, on Loki's request as part of his apology for cutting off the hair of Sif. It was given to Odin and had the uncanny ability of always hitting the target it was thrown at.