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Gungho is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a childhood friend of Strago Magus from Thamasa, and is also very fond of Relm. Strago and Gungho used to hunt a formidable monster together in their youth, and Gungho is part of a sidequest for the former to learn his ultimate Lore.

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Gungho is an older man with bushy white hair and mustache. He wears a red hat and a red coat, red trousers and shoes.

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Gungho is driven by the need for the monster Hidon to be slain. When he deems himself unable to do it, he tasks his childhood friend Strago to do it, but when Strago reports back he initially does not believe it. Ultimately, Gungho wants Strago to be the one to defeat the monster, and is willing to resort to trickery to motivate his friend to take up the task.


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FFVI Android Gungho Injured

Gungho injured.

When Strago and Gungho were in their youth, they fought the beast Hidon but were unable to defeat it. Eventually, they gave up. When Strago and Relm visit Thamasa in the World of Ruin, Gungho tells them that he tried to fight Hidon again at Ebot's Rock, but did not succeed, and was injured. Gungho asks Strago to avenge him. Strago hesitates at first, but decides to do it.

After Strago and the party defeat Hidon, he claims that Gungho will be happy. Upon hearing the news of Hidon's defeat, a disbelieved Gungho is reassured by Relm that Strago really did it. When asked about his injuries, he replies that he is fine.

FFVI PC Gungho Relm

Gungho and Relm after the event.

That evening, after Strago has dozed off, Gungho meets Relm outside the house. He tells Relm about his concerns for faking his injuries. She tells him if it was not for their trickery, Strago would have spent the rest of his life doing nothing but talk. Gungho wonders how he managed to raise a granddaughter as wonderful as her. Relm says that Gungho is a terrible actor, and she further goes to say that Strago is the only man alive who would fall for a performance like that.

In the SNES and PS versions, the story is a little different from the GBA and later versions. Relm deduced Gungho had faked his injuries to give Strago an excuse to go hunting Hidon, which in turn would raise his self-esteem. Gungho confirmed this, panicking, but she agreed to keep it their secret.

Afterward Gungho will walk around Thamasa near the burnt house and greet the Returners whenever they speak to him. He will inform them that Hidon has once again appeared at Ebot's rock, giving Strago another chance to learn his ultimate offensive Lore, Grand Delta, if he missed it during the first encounter.

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Other mediaEdit

In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Gungho is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Black Mage job.


Gung-ho is an English-language term taken from Chinese, the term means "enthusiastic" or "overzealous". Gung ho is an anglicised pronunciation of gōng hé (工合), which is also sometimes anglicised as "kung ho." The two Chinese characters gōng and are translatable individually as "work" and "together."

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