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Gulool Ja Ja is both founder and current ruler of the nation of Tuliyollal. A two-headed Mamool Ja possessed of impressive strength and shrewd sagacity, the Dawnservant is also known by the twin titles of the Vow of Resolve and the Vow of Reason. He appears to have a past connection with Krile's grandfather Galuf.

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Gulool Ja Ja is a character in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail. He is a two-headed Mamool Ja, and the father of Wuk Lamat, Koana, and Zoraal Ja. He is the first ruler of the nation of Tuliyollal in Tural, known as the Dawnservant (連王, Ren'ō?).


Before Dawntrail[]

Eighty years ago, many races in Tural were constantly at war. Gulool Ja Ja sought to bring the peoples together and founded the nation of Tuliyollal, and was named the Dawnservant. Throughout his rule, Tuliyollal enjoyed a period of undisturbed peace.

Around the same time that Gulool Ja Ja united Tural, a group of explorers led by Ketenramm the Blue arrived from Eorzea. They presented gifts to Gulool Ja Ja who permitted them to stay and explore his kingdom. After several months, they returned to Eorzea, introducing contact between East and West.[3] Ketenramm was one of Gulool Ja Ja's comrades in his quest to unite Tural into one nation.

About twenty years ago, he had a letter sent to Galuf Baldesion in Sharlayan to request his expertise in investigating the legendary golden city in Tural.

Three years prior to the coming of the Final Days, Gulool Ja Ja had begun to feel his advanced age and thus the Vow of Reason began formulating what would become the rite of succession. He died before finalizing everything, and the Vow of Resolve concealed his twin's death while being forced to make the final touches on his own. Gulool Ja Ja chose four contestants to take part in a rite of succession that, according to rumors, involved the golden city and the legendary beast, Valigarmanda. Three of the four claimants, Wuk Lamat, Koana, and Zoraal Ja, were his own children with the fourth claimant, Bakool Ja Ja, hailed from Mamook. Gulool Ja Ja encouraged the contestants to seek out allies from different lands as means of understanding the cultural diversities that the future ruler would have to contend with. Wuk Lamat and Koana were the only two claimants to heed this advice with Koana recruiting former Scions of the Seventh Dawn members Thancred Waters and Urianger Augurelt, while Wuk Lamat journeyed west to recruit the Warrior of Light, having heard tales of their strength and heroism. Meeting the Warrior of Light led to Wuk Lamat also recruiting Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur, as well as Krile Baldesion, with the latter having an interest in her grandfather's work in Tuliyollal with Gulool Ja Ja twenty years prior.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail[]

Prior to the rite commencing, driven by his love for a good fight, Gulool Ja Ja met Estinien Varlineau during the latter's travels westward and engaged the dragoon in a friendly duel that was cut short by the arrival of Wuk Lamat and the Warrior of Light. Estinien recommended the Warrior as a more worthy opponent, which peaked Gulool Ja Ja's interest as he decided to wait for another time. Assembling the claimants, Gulool Ja Ja explained the rite of succession and sent them on their way.

Gulool Ja Ja later decided to test the Warrior by sending a private messenger to fetch them while they accompanied Wuk Lamat to Tuliyollal in search of a craftsman for one of the rite's trials. During the duel that followed, Gulool Ja Ja could not fight at full strength without the Vow of Reason as the Vow of Resolve explained his brother was sleeping. Following the duel, Gulool Ja Ja confided to the Warrior the true nature of the trials was to temper away the participants' flaws to prepare a more ideal heir.


Gulool Ja Ja from Final Fantasy XIV

Gulool Ja Ja in the benchmark trailer.

Gulool Ja Ja is a two-headed Mamool Ja. Even by mature two-headed Mamool Ja standards, Gulool Ja Ja is massive, towering over many of his blessed siblings. Both heads speak independently with their individual traits, allowing them as a whole to unite all peoples into a thriving nation to treat one another as equals. These traits have translated Gulool Ja Ja into being a caring father for both his adopted children and his only biological son, Zoraal Ja.

The Vow of Resolve on the right is the dominant head, wearing a golden crown with a distinct horn, boisterous with a love for fighting despite being acutely aware of his advanced age. He is compassionate and understanding of others with a love of all who live in Tural as his campaign in the Tuliyollal Saga attests with the help of the Vow of Reason.

The left head, the Vow of Reason, is wise and intelligent. His head is covered in a purple veil accented by four eye-like markings, which the Reason claims to his brother simply sleeping more to recover his energies.


Gulool Ja Ja is named after Gulool Ja Ja from Final Fantasy XI, who was likewise the two-headed leader of the Mamool Ja in that game.