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We live in this gulch, hidden from the world, for oftentimes knowing the future leads to misfortune.

Gulgan in Gulgan Gulch

Gulgans, also called Gurgans in some fan translations, are sightless sages who foretell the future in Final Fantasy III and live in Gulgan Gulch. They prophesied that mankind would repeat their past mistake of unbalancing the powers of Light and Darkness, leading the world into ruin once more, only for four great Warriors to rise up and set things right.

They are central characters, as one gives the Warriors of the Light the White Magic spell, Toad, needed to enter the Tower of Owen, which they predicted was in great danger. Another also provides a hint as to the location of the Fire Crystal, hidden in the land of the dwarves.

The Gulgans are likely a reference to Odin from Norse mythology: he was a god who, according to the Icelandic Ynglinga saga, gave up one of his eyes in exchange for the wisdom of the past, present, and future.