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Guillefresne is a minor non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. The younger sibling to Jandelaine, he appears in the Postmoogle side-quest "Of Siblings and Side-whiskers Of Siblings and Side-whiskers.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Guillfresne is first met by the adventurer after they mistake him for Jandelaine, who he admits is his older brother. He is looking for Jandelaine in order to bring him back to Ishgard, where he is expected to become the heir to their noble family, who share an ancestry with House Dzemael. A Lalafell woman, the same one that Jandelaine previously assisted in her "rebirth", happily tells him that Jandelaine is off procuring a new comb to assist her with her hair for her upcoming wedding.

They follow Jandelaine to Gridania, where he has already visited the Carpenter's Guild, speaking to Beatin, and also follow him to the Alchemist's Guild of Ul'dah, where Severian mentions having spoken to him. Both guildmasters speak very highly of Jandelaine and his tour through Eorzea, how for the last five years he had been of tremendous help by assisting Eorzeans from all walks of life with their self esteem and physical appearance.

After finally reuniting with Jandelaine back in Limsa Lominsa, Guillefresne admits that he is so determined to bring Jandelaine back to Ishgard as he himself lacks the confidence to be a leader to their house. Aghast that his younger brother could become so meek, Jandelaine gives him a new makeover, giving him the rightful dignity and maturity that he deserves. Invigorated by his new appearance and the confidence Jandelaine has in him, Guillefresne says that he will return to Ishgard in order to lead their family in his stead.



Guillefresne bears a striking appearance to his brother Jandelaine. He is a short Duskwight Elezen with peach pink hair and bright pink eyes. He wears a frilled pink bilaud, brown trousers, and black buckled dress shoes.

After Jandelaine helps him become "reborn", his hair is black and much longer, and he wears silver pince-nez. He has a thin black moustache over his upper lip.


Behind the scenes[]

An Elezen retainer in the legacy version of Final Fantasy XIV shared a name with Guillefresne, as well as Jandelaine. However, the two characters appear to be different people, and have nothing in common.