Guildhests are a type of duty in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Their purpose is to serve as tutorials and practice missions for the undertaking of group content.

Guildhests are accessed through the Duty Finder once a player unlocks it by speaking to Battlewardens at certain hamlets near the beginning of the game, after completing their first Guildleve. There are fourteen Guildhests in total, ranging from level 10 to level 40 (with two every 5 levels). Each is undertaken by a light party of four players, with the exception of the final Guildhest, which calls for a full party of eight players. Completing a guildhest unlocks the next one in sequence.

Each guildhest focuses on a particular strategy that may be needed to complete the various duties in Final Fantasy XIV, with the Battlewarden coaching the party through each step. Completing the guildhest will reward players with EXP, gil, and Grand Company seals for participation. A bonus of EXP will be awarded if no players get K.O. during the Guildhest, and for first time participation (per class). All Guildhests are instanced battles set at certain places in the open-world.

List of Guildhests[edit | edit source]

Name Party Level Boss Lesson
FFXIV Enemy Parties Duty Finder.png Basic Training: Enemy Parties 4 10 Elder Goobbue Pulling and dealing with groups of enemies.
FFXIV Under the Armor Duty Finder.png Under the Armor 4 10 Bockman Dealing with enemy reinforcements.
FFXIV Enemy Strongholds Duty Finder.png Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds 4 15 Ledge Leaper Progressing through a dungeon.
FFXIV Hero on the Half Shell Duty Finder.png Hero on the Half Shell 4 15 Gil Turtle Alternative means of dealing with enemies.
FFXIV Pulling Poison Posies Duty Finder.png Pulling Poison Posies 4 20 Toxic Battrap Avoiding hazardous areas.
FFXIV Stinging Back Duty Finder.png Stinging Back 4 20 Redbelly Swarmpoint Navigating through several groups of enemies and dealing with enemy healers.
FFXIV Alls Well Duty Finder.png All's Well that Ends in the Well 4 25 Briaxio of the Well Dealing with status effects.
FFXIV Flicking Sticks Duty Finder.png Flicking Sticks and Taking Names 4 25 Stikflix Grumblytoss Avoiding and exploiting area of effect attacks.
FFXIV More than a Feeler Duty Finder.png More than a Feeler 4 30 Toxic Tamlyn Learning which enemies to target and which to avoid.
FFXIV Annoy the Void Duty Finder.png Annoy the Void 4 30 Buso Balancing mechanics and reinforcements.
FFXIV Shadow and Claw Duty Finder.png Shadow and Claw 4 35 Shadowclaw Dealing with unkillable minions while fighting a boss.
FFXIV Long Live the Queen Duty Finder.png Long Live the Queen 4 35 Bomb Queen Dealing with self-destructing enemies.
FFXIV Ward Up Duty Finder.png Ward Up 4 40 Camio Spreading out damage to kill all targets within a short window.
FFXIV Solemn Trinity Duty Finder.png Solemn Trinity 8 40 Gigant chieftains Grouping with a full party, splitting the party's focus, and defending objectives.
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