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Normal: "A ferocious brute that finds true joy in pummeling its enemies. It strikes back when attacked, so approach with caution."
Oversoul: "Never an easy fiend to figure out in the first place. Now it's finally gone completely mental and started using magic attacks."


The Gug is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. They are relatively dangerous due to their high Attack power, but has low Defenses and Magic Defenses. It is advised to quickly bring them down by hitting them with powerful attacks such as Excalibur or Black Sky, or by using Armor Break and Power Break to reduce their stats. Beware of its Defensive Stance, as it will counter any attack done to it with Double Punch. In Oversoul, it has access to Level 3 elemental spells and the dangerous Flare spell, as well as being able to use Dark Matter, which is extremely dangerous. It is HIGHLY advised to set up Shell on the party before engaging it in Oversoul and to use high-powered attacks to bring it down. You could also use Reflect, but you would still need to look out for Dark Matter. Keeping lots of Mega-Potion and Mega Phoenix will go a long way, or having an Alchemist in the party with those abilities learned. It is also advised to keep the party's HP high to avoid having anyone KOed. They usually travel with other enemies, so it is advised to take out any other enemies first before engaging them.

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