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Gug is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2 found in the Heart of the Farplane, Cloisters 70 to 74 of the Via Infinito, and the Fiend Arena. It is relatively dangerous due to its high Attack power, but has low Defense and Magic Defense. It uses Bashura's model from Final Fantasy X.





Gugs usually travel with other enemies. It has an innate +10 Defense Up status. During its Defensive Stance, Gug will counter any attack done to it with Double Punch. In Oversoul it has access to Level 3 elemental spells and the dangerous Flare spell, and uses Dark Matter.


It is advised to quickly bring Gug down by hitting it with powerful attacks, such as Excalibur or Black Sky, or by using Armor Break and Power Break. The Samurai's Fingersnap can quickly remove its innate +10 Defense Up status.

If fought in Oversoul, it is advised to set up Shell on the party before engaging it and to use high-powered attacks. One can also use Reflect, but would still need to look out for Gug's Hidden Dark Matter, which deals 1,406~1,587 damage that cannot be reduced by any means.

Keeping a stack of Mega Potion and Mega Phoenix will go a long way, or having an Alchemist in the party with those abilities learned.

It is advised to take out any other enemies first before engaging the Gug.

Creature Creator[]

Gug is recruitable into the party after the player enters the Farplane in Chapter 5. As an Ogre-species fiend, Gug can learn Counterattack, an auto-ability otherwise exclusive to Berserkers; Gug learns Counterattack after being hit by a powerful move and surviving it (Bahamut's Mega Flare).

Fiend Tale[]

In the Fiend Tale endings, a notable Gug or Gug McDoug was taken in by a couple who run Rin's Travel Agency in the Calm Lands, raised in isolation as a human. When he attempted to reach Bevelle, he believed he died and became a fiend until learning the truth of his origins from his mother.

Musical themes[]

Yuna's Ballad is played during Gug's fiend tale ending.


Gug are fictional giant creatures in the Dreamlands, a fictional world part of H.P. Lovecraft's Dream cycle.

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