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Ser Guerrique

Ser Guerrique de Montrohain is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He is a member of Heavens' Ward.


Early life[]

Ser Guerrique was a Temple Knight who once served directly under Ser Zephirin during his tenure as a commander. Ser Guerrique earned much glory during his time as a heavy infantryman. It is said that the Cleaver earned his title when he felled a wyvern with but a single blow of his axe, with an impact so powerful that the beast's head was not severed, but rather obliterated, the pieces flying apart in a thousand different directions.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Ser Guerrique, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, join Thordan VII in the Singularity Reactor, after the Warrior of Light defeats both Lahabrea and Igeyorhm. The knights transform into the Knights of the Round and assist King Thordan in combat against the Warrior of Light.

Upon defeat, Guerrique and the other knights fall to the ground, and are encompassed in a swell of aetherical light.



Ser Guerrique is a Wildwood Elezen with platinum blond hair and light brown eyes. He wears Ward Knight's attire, which is a form of pure white Adamantite armor with dark blue trimmings and bears his order's crest. In battle he wields the battleaxe Bloody Anne, a steel battleaxe with two smooth blade heads and the Fury engraved on its flank.


A confident and boisterous knight, Ser Guerrique challenges anyone and everyone to arm wrestling whenever he is deep in his cups. His behavior is not always enjoyed by his peers. His zealous celebration of a hard-fought victory over Ser Grinnaux so enraged the Bull that he struck Ser Guerrique's face with all his might, leaving the Cleaver in a stupor for days after. On another occasion, an irritated Ser Hermenost channeled sparks of lightning through his fingers as soon as their hands met, allowing him to slam the Cleaver's paralyzed arm into the table with ease.

His alcohol binges are so infamous that he attempted to abstain from drinking all together. Whenever his fellow Temple Knights invited him to drink, he would invent for himself a fictitious lover — "I must return home to Anne, or she will be angry with me!" — which eventually became the name he would refer to his battle axe, naming it Bloody Anne.[2] His strength is unquestionable, and is regarded as one of Halone's most powerful knights.


Ser Guerrique is fought and as one of King Thordan's knights in The Singularity Reactor The Singularity Reactor.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Ser Guerrique is fought as a simulacrum of memory, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, in the Dark Knight level 70 duty Our Compromise Our Compromise.


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