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Gudon or Gudon of the Xi Star is an antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and member of the Orders. He ranks fourteenth in the organization's hierarchy and debuts near the end of Season Two's first chapter.



Gudon is an overweight middle-aged man. He has short hair and technological lenses that cover part of his face. He is always seen inside a cockpit device which he uses for transport as well as for battle. The front of the cockpit has an iron ball that is whipped through an electric current like a flailing chainball.


Gudon, like many among the Orders, seems to be self-aware of his power which has made him arrogant. He dutifully and efficiently carries out his orders, even if it involves murder and seems to relish on handling executions.


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Gudon was made a member of the Orders, serving as one of the Emperor's lieutenants, acquiring the rank of Xi Star, making him the third lowest in hierarchy. It is unknown whether he has any strength of his own or whether his mechanical devices are what earned him a place.

He is in the Zaharu Gallows preparing to carry out the execution of imprisoned rebels when he gets notice of Lasswell's group from frightened prisoners and decides to lay an ambush. When Lasswell's party arrives to prevent innocents from being murdered, Gudon reveals himself and explains how the people Lasswell is saving betrayed them to save their own skin. Lasswell gives no care for he understands the despair the weak and tormented go through and resolves to be betrayed as many times as needed to help them. Annoyed that the ranks of the Orders are not taken seriously, Gudon whips his flailing chain from his device and injures the party.

Gudon tries to execute Lasswell but some prisoners encouraged by him interfere and get in Gudon's way. Annoyed, he executes them with his weapon. Before Gudon can try to attack Lasswell again, Akstar appears and strikes him. Akstar acknowledges that Lasswell did right in believing on the prisoners and encourages his apprentice in dealing with Gudon. Lasswell and his party defeat the Orders' Battle Star after an arduous battle.

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Gudon is the final boss from Season Two's first chapter. He employs buffs and debuffs, using Protectga, Shellga, Bravery and Faith on himself. He later uses Joy of Execution to boost his elemental resistances. Offensively he uses Drown, which inflicts Disease and reduces Water resistance to all units, normal attacks and Flatten, a stronger physical attack on one unit. Later on he begins using Watera and Waterga.


Gudon is not a particularly difficult foe as his buffs are fairly basic and his attacks are not outstanding. It is best to either debuff his ATK/MAG and augment one's own defenses (especially Water resistance).