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The Gucumatz is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.

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Battle Edit

Gucumatz uses following attacks:

  • Stony Glare: causes petrification on one character.
  • Heaven's Cataract: damages all characters in a 120 degree angle in front of it. Causes Defense, Magic Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, and Luck levels to decrease by 1. This ability can be learned by the Gun Mage dressphere.
  • MP Break (Oversouled): damages the MP of one character.
  • Destroy Soft (Oversouled): damages one character and removes one Soft from the inventory.

Strategy Edit

The player should guard against Petrify and make short work of it with Blizzara or Blizzaga.

Creature Creator Edit

Fiend Tale Edit

One notable Gucumatz was created from the spirit of a Hypello who died hitting her head against a rock and forgot who she was. Having imagined who she was in life, Gucumatz learns of a pool in the Bikanel oasis that can allow fiends see the forms of their previous lives and was caught off guard by seeing the Hypello she was in life.

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Etymology Edit

Gukumatz is, in K'iche'-Maya mythology, one of the creators of the world (along with Tepeu) and made the men from corn.

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