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The Guardian Tree is an elder tree in Final Fantasy V, which houses the crystals of Galuf's world. While originally located deep within the Great Forest of Moore, the Guardian Tree becomes accessible directly from the world map in the merged world.


The Tree allows Galuf to speak through it.

After the worlds split in two, the Guardian Tree protected the crystals for one thousand years, and held back the powers of evil spirits, including Exdeath.[1]

During Final Fantasy V, Exdeath conspired to destroy the four crystals and return to full power. Implored by Sage Ghido to stop him, the Light Warriors traveled to the Great Forest of Moore to try to reach it first. When the Light Warriors reached the seals, Exdeath manipulated them into attacking, forcing the party to destroy them. Exdeath appeared himself and gloated, before taking the crystals' power for himself and using it to attack the party.[1]

Krile Mayer Baldesion, tipped off by a moogle, arrived to their defense only to get attacked herself, forcing Galuf Halm Baldesion to fight Exdeath alone, expending the last of his life energy to protect her and the Light Warriors. Galuf passed away, but the Guardian Tree lended Galuf's spirit the strength to speak to Krile and pass on his abilities to her so she could take his place.[1]

Exdeath took the remaining crystals to his castle, where he destroyed them and merged the two worlds. This caused the Great Forest of Moore to amalgamate with the Desert of Shifting Sands of Bartz's world, with only a small grove around the Guardian Tree surviving. While on the way from the Library of the Ancients to the Pyramid of Moore, located amid the Desert of Shifting Sands, the Light Warriors gathered at the Guardian Tree to remember their fallen loved ones, and resolved to fight on.[2]

Upon passing by the tree again after obtaining the tablet from the Pyramid of Moore, Castle Tycoon's wind drake Hiryu arrived, having saved Lenna Charlotte Tycoon from the Void. The wind drake sacrificed himself to reveal Melusine, an evil spirit from the Interdimensional Rift that possessed Lenna, and she rejoined the party after Melusine's defeat.[3]

Guardian Tree in the ending.

After Exdeath was felled and the Void was gone, Krile visited the Guardian Tree on the anniversary of Galuf's death and laid flowers at its roots before being joined by the others. Galuf's spirit made flowers bloom around the tree.[4]


Melusine in battle.

In Galuf's world, the Guardian Tree is not its own location, but located amidst the Great Forest of Moore. When reached, four ???? (Crystal) bosses are fought in the tree at the end of the Great Forest of Moore, followed by a scripted battle against Exdeath.

In the merged world, the small grove around the Guardian Tree becomes its own location, along the valley between the Library of the Ancients and the Pyramid of Moore. After completing the Pyramid of Moore dungeon, Melusine is fought as a boss.

In early versions of the game, if the player lands the black chocobo in the middle of the small grove surrounding the Guardian Tree in the merged world, they will lose it forever.

Musical themes[]

"Legend of the Deep Forest" plays inside the tree. "The Evil Lord Exdeath" plays when the seals are broken. "The Decisive Battle" plays when Galuf attacks Exdeath".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Guardian Tree appears as an elder tree in the Black Shroud forest.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

The Guardian Tree appears in the Field Music Seqeunce for "A New World".

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Guardian Tree FFV.png
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The Guardian Tree is based on the concept of a world tree. The world tree is a motif present in several religions and mythologies, particularly Indo-European religions, Siberian religions, and Native American religions. The world tree is represented as a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and, through its roots, the underworld. It may also be strongly connected to the motif of the tree of life.