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Mog protects with unseen forces.


Guardian Mog is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Eiko that removes her status ailments before EXP and AP are given at the end of battle for a cost of 3 Magic Stones. Even though Eiko can learn the ability early, it does not function until the party receives the first Ribbon item as part of the story.


Guardian Mog is learned from Ribbon and Madain's Ring. The first Madain's Ring can be found from the excavation minigame in Fossil Roo, though finding it can be tricky. Ribbon is obtained as part of the story at the bottom of Mount Gulug.


Guardian Mog removes ailments that normally persist after battle before EXP and AP are distributed, meaning Eiko becomes immune to the effects of Virus with it. Though Eiko can learn and equip the ability before the events at the end of Mount Gulug, the ability will not do anything until the story scenes there are over.


Guardian Mog is a good ability to equip if Eiko is brought along to fight Yans, as there is no other good protection against their Virus. It can be good in other times when enemies are using status attacks if Eiko has the Magic Stones to spare. It cures the following normally persistent ailments that prevent the character form earning EXP and AP: Virus, Petrify, Zombie, Stop, and Venom. It is also useful against statuses that persist but do not prevent EXP and AP from being distributed, like Darkness, as Eiko does not learn Bright Eyes.


The ability is named after Mog, Eiko's pet moogle. In Japanese, the ability is known as "Mog's Amulet", after the recurring item in the Final Fantasy series.