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The Guardians are an organization in Final Fantasy Legend II.


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The Guardians' main goal is to save the world from those who abuse the power of MAGI. They spy on the gods, such as Ashura, Apollo, Venus, and Odin. They also have to be on the lookout for new gods.

They are also studying about the world and MAGI in their base. That is until it came under attack by monsters sent by new gods.

The Guardians misled everyone by spreading misinformation that there were seventy-seven MAGI in total, rather than seventy-eight. When Apollo uses the seventy-seven MAGI together, it ends up destroying him instead since he was missing the last piece of MAGI.

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Notable members[]

There's only three members that are known:

  • Dad: The father of the hero, he's known as the Captain and he's a key personnel of the organization.
  • Mask: He was captured by Ashura, but with the help of the main characters, they defeat Ashura together before they part ways.
  • Taro: Taro is posted on Edo World and with his help, the party prevents the MAGI found on that world from falling into the wrong hands.