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The exit of Guardian's Base.

Guardian's Base is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II. This is the headquarters for the Guardians, they study about the world and MAGI. On the lower levels, there is a storage for MAGI.


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The party finds themselves sitting in a holding cell accused of being spies. The main character ask to be let out, but the guard tells him/her to shut up. Dad walks in and talks to the guard, after having a conversation with him, the guard opens the door while Dad leaves. They find him in the lower floor of the base inside a room. He tells the party that they must be tired and they should take a rest. Dad leaves while the party goes to bed.

A loud sound awakens the party, the base is under attack and is overrun with monsters. The party leaves their room, and enters the MAGI storage room to find the five treasure chests missing their contents. An Ogre stands before the party and battles them. After its defeat, the party acquirers the Power MAGI. On the next floor, they find Dad who tells the party that new gods found the base and sent in their monsters before joining the party.

After defeating the next two monsters that guards the stairs on the next two floors, the party retrieves three out of the five stolen MAGI. The party makes it out of the base alive, but Guardian's Town is also overrun with monsters.

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