Template:FFVII Enemies The Guard Scorpion, incorrectly titled Scorpion Guard in the European manual, is the first boss the player encounters in Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and Barret fight it in the Sector 1 Reactor at the Mako Reactor's Core.

Unlike most other bosses in the game, Guard Scorpion's battle music is "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" and not "Those Who Fight Further".


Cloud giving his suggestion to the player.

A misleading battle message has Cloud tell the player to attack Guard Scorpion while its tail is raised, but doing so will cause it to use always Tail Laser, which deals a large damage to both Cloud and Barret. This is its only strong attack.

Guard Scorpion has two forms. It starts in Form 1 and its second form is when it raises its tail. It will transform to Form 2 after using two damaging attacks, and will revert shortly. Guard Scorpion has a fixed attack pattern: Search Scope, Attack, Search Scope, Attack, Transform to Form 2, Wait, Wait, Transform to Form 1, and it starts from Search Scope again. It always uses Search Scope on the victim of its attacks before attacking, and Search Scope does nothing.


Cloud should cast Bolt while Barret attacks. The player can set Barret in the back row to take less damage, as he has a ranged weapon. Eventually, Guard Scorpion will raise its tail, and counter attack with Tail Laser whenever hit. It is best to do nothing but heal when it raises its tail.

AI Script

Start of battle

Declare Stage = 0

Declare Count = 0

Declare Warning = 0

Declare SelectedTarget

If (Count == 0 OR Count == 2) Then

SelectedTarget = random opponent

Use Search Scope on SelectedTarget

Display Message "Locked On Target"

Count = Count + 1

Else If (Count == 1 OR Count == 3) Then
2/3 Chance

If (Self HP < 1/2 * Self Max HP) Then: Use Scorpion Tail on SelectedTarget

Else: Use Rifle on SelectedTarget

1/3 Chance: Use Scorpion Tail on SelectedTarget

Count = Count + 1

Else If (Count == 4) Then

Use Raise Tail

Stage = 1

Self Defense = 255

Self Magic Defense = 384

If (Warning == 0) Then
If (Cloud is alive) Then

If (Barret is dead) Then: Display Message "Cloud "It's gonna fire that laser..."

Else: Display Message "Cloud "Barret, be careful!"

Display Message ""Attack while it's tail's up!"

Display Message "It's gonna counterattack with its laser.""


Display Message "Barret "I dunno what's goin' on, but..."

Display Message "it looks pretty bad."

Display Message "Let's see what it does when it's tail's up..."

Warning = 1

Count = 5

Else If (Count == 5 OR Count == 6) Then

Count = Count + 1


Use Drop Tail

Stage = 0

Self Defense = 40

Self Magic Defense = 256

Count = 0

Counter - if attacked

If (Stage == 1) Then: Use Tail Laser on all opponents

Counter - if killed

If (Stage == 1) Then: Use Drop Tail


  • Guard Scorpion's tail is up while Stage equals 1, and down while Stage equals 0. In addition to a difference in stats and attack pattern, the two stages also have different idle animations and flinch animations.

Other Appearances

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

Guard Scorpion in E3 2014 trailer.

Guard Scorpion appears in the first trailer of the game, shown at E3 2014. It possibly will be one of the enemies in the game.




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