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Mog can easily win here with his Dusk Requiem dance, Make sure he's in the party you use to attack the Marshal.

Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry
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The Guard Leader, otherwise known as Marshal, is a boss in Final Fantasy VI fought in the Narshe Mine when Locke and the Ten Moogles face him and his guards to protect Terra. The player may battle the Guard Leader with any of the three parties. He commands Narshe's defense forces and fights alongside two Silver Lobos, overseeing the operation from the other side of the room.




The Guard Leader is flanked by two Silver Lobos, which are easily dispatched. When the Silver Lobos are alive, he will use Net to inflict Stop on one character, stopping them from most of the battle. Once the Silver Lobos are dead, Guard Leader begins attacking with Charge, a powerful physical attack.

If any of the three parties attempting to battle Guard Leader are defeated, they are revived with 1 HP per character. If the player wishes to steal multiple Mythril Knives, it is possible to repeatedly battle with Locke's group, and attempt a steal each time, then defeat Guard Leader with another group when ready to move on. However, having multiple copies of the knife is not really useful.

The Guard Leader is one of the few bosses to appear on the Veldt and have a Rage.


One strategy is to fight with Mog's party, as Mog has the Twilight Requiem Dance that will kill the Guard Leader in one hit if he attacks with Snare. Mog must fight at least one of the enemy parties the Guard Leader sends out to learn the Dance, so the player cannot save Mog's party just for the boss battle.

Another strategy is to bring Locke's party so he can try to steal a Mythril Knife. However, the knife is not an essential, and the player can also unequip Mog before Locke engages the leader to keep his spear, useful to equip to a character that will join soon after this segment.


Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Normal Back Surrounded Side
004 Silver Lobo x2, Guard Leader Y N N N Sides, individual The Decisive Battle 0

AI script[]

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Net (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (100%)
3rd Turn: Net (66%) or Attack (33%)
4th Turn: Attack (100%)

If monster is by itself: Attack (33%) or Charge (66%)

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Guard Leader FFVI.png

Guard Leader appears as a boss, fought in the Record of the Abandoned Mineshaft.

Target Score
  • Defeat the Guard Leader before he uses Charge
  • Attack
  • Net: Temporarily Stops one target
  • Charge: Rush one target for strong physical damage

As in his source game, the Guard Leader is fronted by two Silver Lobos. While a player's natural inclination might be to rush the flunkies before taking on the big guy himself, this is once again a case in which first instincts could cost the party dearly; the Guard Leader will unleash his Charge attack to try and take the party down. Use a triangular assault pattern to avoid this threat; take a wolf, then charge him even as the remaining wolf is still attacking. The Nets he throws are mildly annoying at best, but he will fall easily.

If defeated on Elite difficulty with a Bonus Quest in play. the player could acquire Mog between Back to the Skies and the Quest system's retirement. Here, Mog is a dancer, a capable fighter and Red Mage whose Soul Breaks assist his party in a variety of ways.


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