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Guard Hound is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It is a short-tailed, panther-like canine with a whip-like projection sticking from its back. It is encountered in the Sector 1, and in the north section of the Train Graveyard soon after. It is also a possible encounter in the opening round of the Battle Square before obtaining Tiny Bronco. In the Battle Square it has enhanced stats with double the normal HP and 25% higher Attack and Magic Attack.

It always uses its two attacks on the party member who has the lowest current HP. It is not a strong enemy and should not be a problem.



# Formation
302 Guard Hound
303 MP, Guard Hound
304 Guard Hound (Back Attack)
325 Guard Hound
326 Guard Hound A, Guard Hound B
373 Guard Hound A, Guard Hound B
374 Guard Hound, MP
375 Row 1: Guard Hound A, Guard Hound B
Row 2: Smogger
393 Guard Hound A, Guard Hound B


Sector 1
Platform (after exiting once) 302, 303, 304 (Back Attack)
Sector 1 Station 302, 303, 304 (Back Attack)
Sector 1 302, 303, 304 (Back Attack)
Train Graveyard (before Aps is fought)
South 393
North 393
Battle Square (before Tiny Bronco)
Group A - Battle 1 325
Group B - Battle 1 326

AI scriptEdit


2/3 Chance: Use Bite on random opponent with lowest HP

1/3 Chance: Use Tentacle on random opponent with lowest HP

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Guard Hound

Guard Hound from Final Fantasy VII appears in Pictlogica Final Fantasy as an enemy.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Guard Hound FFVII
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