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Completely absorb a direct physical attack.


Guard is a Knight command ability in Final Fantasy V. It is a stronger version of Defend, and nullifies physical damage received by the character until their next turn. This can allow a character to defend themselves from incoming physical damage until another character can heal the party.


Guard is innate to Knights, and will be granted to any character equipping the job. Upon reaching job level 2, for 40 AP total, the ability can be equipped by any job.


Guard will not stop statuses that would be inflicted from physical attacks, and will still take damage from sap.


Guard is a useful defensive tool against enemies that deal high physical damage. It can be a useful ability when a character is low on HP, or when the enemy is about to deal a powerful physical blow.

The ability is most useful in combination with Cover, another ability provided by Knight. This means Knight can not only cover damage from allies who are on low HP, but receive no damage at all. Combining this further with Counter can increase one's damage output and make Guard more turn-efficient.