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The Group Leader is a term in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is used to describe a unit that has special abilities in the battlefield, abilities that other, "normal" units such as Yarhi do not. Group Leaders are designated on in-game maps by pin icons which are larger than the regular dots of other units.

All playable characters are Group Leaders; Vaan, Penelo, Lluyd, Kytes, Filo, Balthier, Fran, Ashe, Basch, and temporarily Ba'Gamnan.

Enemy Group Leaders include sky pirates, aegyl, and certain bosses, such as Feolthanos Exultant.

Abilities of Allied Group Leaders[]

  • Can equip weapons, armor, and accessories, thus changing Nature, Weakness, and Resistance at will.
  • Gain EXP after battle and level up.
  • In battles where auracite is used, Yarhi will be summoned to each Group Leader's side at the start of the fight. The type of Yarhi summoned will be same as the Leader's type.
  • Can interact with field icons, including:
  • Can be KO'd and brought back to life by Raise or Revive
  • Can set Gambits
  • Can learn Quickenings (with the exception of Ba'Gamnan).

Abilities of All Group Leaders[]

Allied Group leaders and enemy Group leaders have the following qualities:

  • Can capture Summoning Gates.
  • Can be revived by a Soul Crystal.
  • Can summon Yarhi via Summoning Gates and include them in their group.
  • Have an Affinity value that contributes to the team's total Affinity, which determines how many Yarhi may be summoned.