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Grootslang is a mark in Final Fantasy XV. Two are fought during the An Omen Crawls Upon the Ground hunt, available from the diner in the middle of Lestallum in Chapter 15. If the player has both An Omen Crawls Upon the Ground and Bones Seek an Offering hunts active, the former takes precedence as they are fought in the same place.


Relative of the midgardsormr previously believed extinct. Folk tales rumor the beast to be the harbinger of a plague, and sightings invariably induce panic among the people. While links to a contagion are yet unproven, its ominous presence nevertheless warrants precaution.
Size: 108.59 ft. Weight: 44.36 t


An Omen Crawls Upon the GroundLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine (Chapter 15)1
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Grootslang x2Kelbass Grasslands (All Times)6826,840 gil, Red Choker★★★★



Grootslang from FFXV

Grootslang is a colossal snake. Two of them are fought in a crater in Duscae in a Chapter 15 hunt. They are weak to one-handed swords and daggers as well as ice. They spew poisoning mist and can coil around the player to squeeze them. This attack can be blocked at the last second, which triggers a QTE where Noctis grabs the snake's head and rides it around to a counter prompt where he throws fire magic at the snake, which makes it Vulnerable. When Vulnerable, they lie on the ground and don't attack. They can slam down with their head (can be block/parried).

Grootslangs burrow underground only to emerge soon with a burst of power. When they are underground, the player can't target them and e.g. Techniques and Armiger Chain will miss. They whip those they can reach with their tails and keep their heads raised in the air when not moving. They can also hold their head to the ground and whip their body in a wide arc.

Despite being venomous themselves, grootslangs can be poisoned. They are susceptible to Death from the Ring of the Lucii*(after patch 1.06) but would take a very long time to kill with the instant death effect. It can be difficult to get blindside-strikes on them due to the snakes' shape.

The player might get a magitek engine drop during the battle during the day. Aranea might swoop in to help at night.


Star Pendants protect the party from Poison, or the player can eat foods that provide Poisonproof or Resilient.

Ignis's Enhancement Technique bestows Noctis's weapon with the element grootslang is weak to: ice. Blizzard Elemancy can also be good, perhaps with poisoning catalysts to infect them.

The player can warp-strike the head to reach it. With air-dancing abilities learned, the player can stay airborne and keep hitting.

The player can character-swap to Prompto and stay on the perimeter of the battle area and use ranged attacks and Crackshot when available.



The Grootslang or Grote Slang (Afrikaans and Dutch for "big snake") is a legendary cryptid that is reputed to dwell in a deep cave in the Richtersveld, South Africa.

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