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Clever men die just as quick as the rest.

Ser Grinnaux

Ser Grinnaux de Dzemael is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He is a member of the Heavens' Ward.


Early life[]

Ser Grinnaux is the nephew of the current count de Dzemael. By his twenty-ninth nameday, Ser Grinnaux had earned a notorious reputation for his brawls at the local taverns and his willingness to strike knights who questioned this judgment on campaign. It was through a drunken quarrel that he met and became close friends with Ser Paulecrain de Fanouilley. Unfortunately for some, Ser Grinnaux's attitude and methods result in the occasional fatality, which the Count de Dzemael is quick to conceal with coin.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Ser Grinnaux is first met after both he and Ser Paulecrain de Fanouilley arrest Alphinaud Leveilleur and Tataru Taru, accusing them of heresy. As the Warrior of Light is unable to call upon the Lord Commander in saving those accused by the Heavens’ Ward, they challenge both Ser Grinnaux and Ser Paulecrain to a trial by combat to rescue the Scions.

After the kidnapping of Aymeric de Borel, Ser Grinnaux is fought once more in the the Vault, displaying his ability to transform into a tremendous knight capable of manipulating temporal magic. He is defeated by the Warrior of Light, and escapes to the Sanctum to meet with the archbishop.

Ser Grinnaux, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, join Thordan VII in the Singularity Reactor after the Warrior of Light defeats both Lahabrea and Igeyorhm. The knights transform into the Knights of the Round and assist King Thordan in combat against the Warrior of Light.

Upon defeat, Grinnaux and the other knights fall to the ground, and are encompassed in a swell of aetherical light.



Ser Grinnaux is a Wildwood Elezen with long blond hair in a ponytail and bright lilac eyes. He has a scar over his cheek, likely from a past altercation in the city of Ishgard. He wears Ward Knight's attire, which is a form of pure white Adamantite armor with dark blue trimmings and bears his order's crest. In battle he wields a battleaxe named Stampede, which is a steel two-headed axe carved with an image of the Fury and decorated in silver and blue accents.


Known as "the Bull", he is a peerless warrior, chosen by the archbishop Thordan VII for his combat excellence and ruthless execution. While his combat abilities are exceptional, his diagreeable personality led to more than a few altercations with others. His aggressive demeanour leads even those of other high houses of Ishgard to fear him, such as Edmont de Fortemps.


Ser Grinnaux the Bull is fought during the special instance in Main Scenario Quest Divine Intervention Divine Intervention. Later Ser Grinnaux is fought once more as a boss in the The Vault The Vault and as one of King Thordan's knights in The Singularity Reactor The Singularity Reactor.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Ser Grinnaux is fought once more as a simulacrum of memory, alongside his fellow Heavens' Ward, in the Dark Knight level 70 duty Our Compromise Our Compromise.