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The Grenade is an enemy in Final Fantasy X found at Mt. Gagazet.



When attacked three times Grenade will counter with Self-Destruct causing 600 damage to a random party member. It is one of the few enemies from which Kimahri can learn it as a Ronso Rage.

Grenade has 95% resistance to Dark and Silence; 50% resistance to Death and Petrify; and 25% resistance to Poison. It resists magic attacks, and is weak to Ice element.

Grenades will drop armor with Fire Ward and weapons with Firestrike. In the game's INT/PAL/HD versions they will also drop weapons with the Distill Power ability.

Weapons dropped by Grenade are slightly stronger than most weapons (they have a Damage Constant of 18, while any otherwise-identical weapon has a Damage Constant of 16); a trait shared with Bomb and Puroboros, but not found in Bomb King or any enemy outside the Bomb species.

When fighting a single Grenade with two Grats, if the player uses any Blizzard spell with Lulu, the game will glitch, and the Grenade will not grow.


Grenades boast an exemplary magic defense stat, rendering almost all magic useless at the time they are encountered despite a weakness to the Ice element. Attempting to trounce it with this method will likely allow the Grenade to Self-Destruct, as it always does after surviving three hits. Parties should use Icestrike weapons on physically buff characters—Auron proves most valuable. If the party wishes to capture the Grenade for the Monster Arena, whittling down its health with this method should suffice. Only stronger characters, such as Auron, will ensure a kill in three hits during the time in which the party initially encounters Grenades on Mt. Gagazet.

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A grenade is a small bomb typically thrown by hand.

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