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Grenade is a common enemy in Final Fantasy XV randomly encountered at night, as well as during the Will-o'-the-Wisps out on the Town hunt and World of Ruin main quest.


A larger variant of the more common thermolytic daemon. Wild specimens were not observed prior to the recent lengthening of night.
Size: 4.98 ft. Weight: 2,150.6 lb.
The sighting of this incendiary war-head in Altissia is one in a series of mysterious occurrences of daemons cropping up on unfamiliar shores.
Size: 5.02 ft. Weight: 2,175.3 lb.


Will-o'-the-Wisps out on the TownAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Grenade x2Altissia (Nighttime)315,120 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★





The grenade is essentially a stronger version of the regular bomb, although it is vulnerable to different weapon types: firearms and machinery. Like all bomb-type enemies, the grenade continually grows (though attacking them will briefly prevent them from growing). Upon reaching its maximum size, it will charge the party and explode causing massive damage across the whole party, and leaving behind another grenade and three weaker bombs. Occasionally, the grenade can grow before combat is initiated. The bombs it spawned die when the new grenade is defeated. It is weak to ice and uses fire-elemental magic attacks capable of inflicting Burnt status.

The official guide erroneously lists bomb-type enemies as dropping elemental protection accessories rather than car paint pigment materials. The guide also lists them as taking 4x damage from ice, whereas the in-game bestiary says 3x.


Grenade hunt in Altissia from FFXV

Grenade spawns in Altissia.

The Thermal Suit makes one immune to fire damage, but is only available from post-game. Various meals also make the party immune to elemental damage: Steamed Crab with Rock Salt at Galdin Quay, Maagho Lasagna at Altissia, and Grilled Mighty Barramundi, Lasagna al Forno and Oak-Smoked Devil Gar at camp, for perfect immunity, or Green Smoothie at Wiz Chocobo Post for 90% damage reduction.

The player should aim to kill the grenades fast before they explode. With character swap, Ignis can employ strong ice attacks with his daggers, useful as grenades take quadruple damage from ice. Blizzard magic can be used to deal damage to all bombs in range, and it is a good idea to craft multi-cast versions of the spells. Grenades can be destroyed in seconds with the Ring of the Lucii, but it can be difficult to wield successfully against multiple creatures.


A grenade is a small bomb typically thrown by hand.

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