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Green Garula is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Galloping Garulas hunt alongside their regular brown-coated kin.

Jumbo Tusk: Green Garula fishing lure is fashioned after this enemy.


Subspecies of garula with a verdant hue. This beast once inhabited the western reaches of the Lucian continent, but it gradually migrated eastward, now sharing the plains of Duscae with its more common yet physiologically identical counterparts.
Size: 16.24 ft. Weight: 9.80 t


Galloping GarulasCoernix Station - Alstor1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Green Garula x3, Garula x3Alstor Slough (Daytime)122,010 gil, Hi-Elixir★★



Green garula is weak to greatswords, firearms and fire. The attack where it rises onto its back legs to slam down on its front legs can be blocked and parried.


Throwing fire elemancy at the herd is a good way to start the battle off. Positioning right behind the garula works the best to both deal increased damage with blindside-strikes and links, and to avoid many of their attacks. The garula tend to stick together, and their attacks will knock Noctis over easily, so it is best not to get caught in the middle of the herd, and stay on the outskirts and keep dodging and changing target when a beast whose backside the player can easily attack is available.

The player can also character-swap to Gladiolus to whose weapon the garula are weak to and who is not staggered by the garula's attacks quite so easily, blocking most things with his shield. The player could also play as Prompto from afar.

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