Template:FFII Enemies The Green Dragon is a boss in Final Fantasy II. He is a Poison-type creature found guarding a Wind Flute in a Treasure Chest in the Emperor's Cyclone Fortress. After defeating this monster-in-a-box, he may be seen again as a random encounter in the lower levels of the Jade Passage.


Like the White Dragon before it, the Green Dragon represents the biggest challenge of its respective dungeon, as the fight with the Emperor following it poses little to no threat. The greatest danger in this fight is the creature's Poison Cloud 16 attack, which affects the whole party. Also, like the White Dragon before it, the Green Dragon can be Blinded in order to avoid his powerful physical blows. Cast Shell on everyone to dull the effect of the beast's magic and equip Lightning-based weapons. Make sure to keep an eye on your party's general HP and dedicate one mage to healing everyone if the Green Dragon's onslaught starts causing too much damage, but if you exploit the monster's weakness early enough, the dragon should not last long.

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