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Great Tauricorn is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a stronger version of the Doublicorn that can be encountered around the world map. It is generally recommended they be avoided, as near the beginning Class Zero is simply not equipped to handle such powerful beasts.


Battle Edit

Great Tauricorns usually appear in pairs and are not to be taken lightly. It has two normal attacks; one where it swipes its paw directly in front of it, and one where he charges at the party like a bull. On occasion they will howl and become enraged, but this does not change offensive strategy.

If the Tauricorns incapacitate three members of Class Zero, or the present party, they will retreat. Although they are usually level 99 when fought, Great Tauricorns do not provide any substantial experience and shouldn't be used as a means of leveling even if the cadets are able to defeat them.

Strategy Edit

Early in the game when encountered on the world map, Class Zero is more than likely to be outmatched, however, Great Tauricorns can be brought down. One can usually damage them by exploiting the Breaksight opportunities, but with two of them constantly charging, it can be hard to be effective with any close range character.

One hit from the Tauricorn will most likely bring a cadet down, and because they are constantly charging, the cadets must continually dodge. Any engagement with them in the early part of the game is sure to be a lengthy one, as it is merely a matter of chipping away health on Breaksights while dodging charges.

Because of long fight times and restrictions to MP, it is recommended to use Cater or King (the allies will usually be wiped out fairly quickly) because of their effective long range, but Cater more so as she possesses a quick slide dodge and lacks the dangerous reload animation King has.

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